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Furniture Refinishing for a Whole New Style without Spending a Fortune – Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 25, 2016

Furniture refinishing in Cambridge, MA is popular because a whole new style can be created without spending a fortune. Many people choose this option over purchasing new furniture. And while you are giving your wooden furniture a face lift, you are also preserving the value.

With the help of a furniture restoration specialist, you can breathe new life and a new look into your favorite wooden pieces. Refinishing is a tough job for the unskilled. Hiring a furniture restoration specialist for the most desirable results is a must.

Furniture refinishing renews the look of older wooden furniture using quality wood care products while extending it's life as well. This makes refinishing furniture worth the investment. Today furniture is not made the same as it was years ago, with the same high quality wood as before. This is another reason to refinish your favorite wooden furniture.

To find out more about your options for refinishing wood furniture, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Cabinet Refinishing Brings Beauty Back without Blowing The Budget – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 18, 2016

Yes, many people can attempt to refinish cabinet surfaces but not anyone can do it the right way. If you want a professional job and professional results for your kitchen cabinets, then hire a professional for cabinet refinishing. This home improvement project requires the knowledge and skills to achieve a newly refinished surface without the bubbles or stripes.

Cabinet refinishing in Boston, MA is popular among homeowners who are looking for a fast and less expensive way to give their home a makeover. It allows them to have the beauty of new cabinets, making them as if they were just installed.

There usually comes a time that homeowners grow tired looking at their original kitchen cabinets, even if they are not scratched and worn. Either they want an updated color or the cabinets doors themselves look dated and old. Additionally replacing an entire set of kitchen cabinetry is expensive. When the existing cabinets are still in good working condition but have lost their luster or are out-of-style, refinishing the kitchen cabinets is a great, fast, and less expensive option. This saves time and money. There is less disruption to your kitchen as well because it only takes a couple of days to complete the job. No need to blow the budget to bring beauty and style back to your kitchen cabinets.

To find out more, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Why Use Granite Material as A Kitchen Countertop Replacement – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 05, 2016

When conducting countertop replacement in Boston, MA homeowners can enjoy a wide array of options when it comes to the materials. Among these materials, granite seems to be the most popular of them all.

Using granite for replacing the kitchen countertops lets you enjoy a multitude of benefits. What makes granite counter tops so great is its durability. Granite is an rock formed from magma so it has already survived many of the elements and is undeniably strong. When used as a material for counter top replacement, homeowners need not worry about abuse from children, knives, excessive heat or other harsh elements found in the kitchen. Granite is hard to scratch and will not burn making it very ideal for the kitchen.

Granite also comes in endless colors variations and shades. Regardless of if you want a dark or light color for your kitchen, you have what you want with granite kitchen counter top replacement. With its unique color combinations, you can easily update or freshen the look of your kitchen just by having the counter top replaced. Each granite counter top slab is different so you can create a unique look.

To find out more about options for replacing the kitchen countertop, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.


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