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Cabinet Refinishing – The Best Bet for Those Working with a Limited Budget - Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cabinetry can complement any kind of room, the kitchen, bedroom, or even in the bathroom. They serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, and deserve to be given care. Refinishing cabinets proves to be a cost-effective way to do it.

Cabinet refinishing in Providence, RI is a an ideal alternative and a green option because you save both time and money while helping the environment by keeping older cabinets out of landfills. A new cabinet finish can perk up the kitchen for a more practical avenue for a new look and feel for your outdated cabinets while working with a limited budget.

Cabinet refinishing professionals can help your kitchen achieve a cosmetic makeover by making dramatic change for an economical cost. This home improvement project can transform your old- or ordinary-looking cabinet into a desirable and modern look for a fraction of the money you would spend on new, replacement cabinets. A clear or tinted cabinet finish can be used to match your casual, contemporary, or traditional interior design.

If you want to find more about your options in cabinet refinishing, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Antique Furniture and Other Wood Pieces are Worth Repairing and Restoring - Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Furniture Refinishing

Antique furniture in Cambridge, MA makes for a beautiful art and a home decor for many people, but only a few know how to properly take care of it. Much antique wood pieces are passed down as heirlooms and should be properly preserved.

Your prized possessions deserve the best care from a furniture specialist. All genuine antique furniture and family heirlooms in your home are prone to dust, dings, dents, and other damage. Because the wood surface is sensitive, you cannot use just any ordinary solution to clean and polish them in an attempt to make them smooth and bright. There are certain precautions and steps that need to be followed when making enhancements, restorations, and repairs to antique wood furniture. Only an expert craftsman knows best.

Furniture and wood repair for antiques differs from one favorite piece to another. Advanced wood care products and processes are utilized to generate the best results without degrading the value of the pieces that are dearest to you. Wood furniture and furnishings are irreplaceable because of the sentimental value and the memories they hold. As a result, for many people these wood pieces are worth repairing and restoring.

For more details, request a consultation with Kenneth C. Lewis.

Furniture Refinishing Allows Your Favorite Pieces to Maintain Their Original Charm and Value - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Furniture refinishing in Boston, MA is a perfect alternative for those who flinch at the very thought of the time and the money it takes to purchase new furniture. During furniture refinishing, every piece of furniture will undergo a thorough cleaning along with other processes that only a furniture restoration specialist can accomplish properly and efficiently.

Using the most advanced products and processes, furniture refinishing can be done so that your favorite pieces can look brand new again, and you can continue to furnish your home with them. There is a wide selection of custom wood finishes as well as new conservation and restoration techniques to ensure the best results when refinishing your furniture.

A furniture restoration specialist can help you by cleaning your favorite pieces and restoring their finish. Hiring a wood working specialist will help you preserve the character of the original finish. Through furniture refinishing, you can make an antique piece of furniture which has suffered from bumps and scrapes look pristine again.

If you think your wood furniture is worth saving, consult a specialist who can render superior services. For more details, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.


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