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Furniture Restoration Specialists Effectively Refinish and Repair Damages to Wood Furniture - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 30, 2014

If you have favorite pieces of wood furniture at home that need repair or just need a new look, a furniture restoration expert with an unmatched reputation when it comes to Furniture restoration in Boston, MA is what you need. This investment in your favorite furniture is worth your time and money.

Furniture restoration in Boston, MA enhances the structure and stability of your favorite wood pieces and other specialty items. Since these are valuable items, it is imperative that the job is in the hands of a professional. Furniture restoration may include thorough cleaning and minor touch-ups like refinishing, but it can also include much more. Your furniture may be in need of many types of repairs in order to return them to their original condition.

Every project has a starting point. As a homeowner, the first thing to do is to request a quote from a professional. A furniture restoration specialist will perform a pre-evaluation on the condition of your favorite pieces. Based on the findings, the expert will map out a plan on how the finishing and repairs will be done right, efficiently and economically.

For unparalleled craftsmanship and quality service, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Countertop Refinishing is An Affordable and Time-Saving Alternative to Revamp the Look of Your Kitchen - Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 23, 2014

The cost and the time it takes to install a countertop replacement often leads homeowners to consider countertop refinishing which is a more affordable and time-saving alternative. Refinishing your kitchen countertop is also a cost-effective way to add personality and character to your kitchen.

Countertop refinishing in Providence, RI is your best option if you like your existing, but run-down countertop or if your budget is tight. This option revitalizes the existing surface of your countertop instead of replacing it to erase scratches and other blemishes. Refinished countertops are now becoming a trend in the home improvement industry because they can make a dramatic statement in the kitchen.

Refinishing kitchen countertops offer the maximum visual effect and best value for your remodeling budget. The refinishing process involves repairing and restoring the existing kitchen counters to extend their functional life. Today, homeowners can have more rich color variations to choose from and loads of creative freedom to achieve the look and feel that you want for your kitchen. However, it is important that you hire a countertop refinishing expert to do this home project for you.

To find out more about countertop refinishing and other options, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Countertop Replacement: Revamping the Look of Your Kitchen without a Hefty Price Tag - Newport, RI

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 17, 2014

You may be one of the millions of homeowners who could be living with worn out countertop which have decades-old laminate or retro-colored tile. Replacing it with a seamless solid surface, high quality stone, or wood butcher block would be ideal. However, kitchen countertop replacement is a valuable, dramatic update that is best done by a hired professional.

Countertop replacement is a cost-effective way to achieve an inexpensive yet effective kitchen makeover. If your kitchen needs an update, give your kitchen a new look without the hefty price tag by changing your countertops. Adding a new, beautiful, and functional countertop changes the look and feel of your kitchen. Countertop replacement is the perfect investment which increases the value of your home as well as adding beauty.

Countertop replacement in Newport, RI involves the selection of a new countertop material. A countertop replacement expert can help you choose what surface type fits to your preferences and other requirements.

Revamp the look of your kitchen by replacing your countertop. Contact Kenneth C. Lewis for more details.

Furniture Refinishing and Restoration: Lacquer Experts can Take Care of Your Favorite Pieces - Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Furniture Refinishing

Fall often inspires redecorating. But you may not want to buy new furniture. Your existing wood furniture may be beautiful, maybe it just lacks luster. Now there is an affordable alternative for enhancing the appearance of your wood furnishings and fixtures. When it comes to taking care of your favorite wood pieces, hiring a lacquer expert to do refinishing as well as other restoration services is ideal.

Stains and lacquers have a long history of being widely used in furniture refinishing and restoration. Lacquer finish rides on the surface of the furniture rather than penetrating it. As each additional coat of lacquer is applied, the one before re-melts, causing each coat to become one. That is why, to revive the look of your wood furniture, experts apply this in several thin layers. Lacquer quickly dries, this is why it is best to opt for a lacquer expert for furniture refinishing projects.

Many favorite wood pieces have been in the family for a long time. Furniture refinishing and restoration in Cambridge, MA help revive the beauty and the functionality of these all-time favorites back to their original condition. For those who do not want to throw away or replace old furniture, this is the perfect solution.

Contact Kenneth C. Lewis for more details on furniture refinishing and restoration.

Cabinet Refacing is a Popular Home Improvement Project- Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 03, 2014

Two-thirds of consumers are planning home renovations! If you want to start a home improvement project consider cabinet refacing and visit us at the New England Home Show & Home Show at Patriot Place.

Consumers are spending more money to improve their homes, a new survey says. A fast and inexpensive way to accomplish this is with a minor kitchen remodel, or cabinet refinishing and refacing along with new countertops.

There is a lot more consumer confidence out there and this is a great direction for the real estate market. Whether you want to sell your home in the future, or just make it more comfortable, home improvements are a great idea.

Some 32% of respondents cited improving the home's appearance as the reason for renovating, while 22% linked the renovations to preparing the home for a future sale. Only 11% said the renovations were to improve the property's value.

For those looking to upgrade their living situation, consumers have long grappled with staying in their current home and renovating or buying a different property.

This choice may be easier to make for some homeowners, especially if they have the credit standards required to obtain a mortgage to purchase a more expensive home. For other consumers who have been shut out of the mortgage market on the heels of tighter lending standards by banks, the renovation option becomes front and center.

For more information on cabinet refinishing, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

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