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Cabinet Refinishing and Repainting Keeps Kitchen Remodeling Inexpensive – Boston, Providence

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The desire to update our kitchens. It never really goes away. It may ebb and flow, but it’s always there, nagging at us, dragging us to Home Depot. Causing us to spend hours on Houzz or posting to Pinterest. And the biggest offender in the kitchen is often the cabinets. Because if we want granite or quartz or some other solid surface slab countertop, there’s not really a super affordable option. Changing out the appliances is also pricey.

But cabinets…well, changing the color of the cabinets can be done inexpensively and quickly.

Want to have kitchen cabinets professionally refinished? Budget at least $1,000, depending on how much cabinetry you have, the prep work needed, and the type of paint or stain you choose.

Looking to make the change? Here is a guide to cabinet colors that can help.

Primary colors

The bottom line:   Ever see a kitchen on TV with bright yellow or blue cabinets and think it looks cool? Doesn’t mean we’re going to rush right out and paint our kitchen in fire engine red.
Upside: They’re unique
Downside: They’re unique
Tip: Experts advise people not to go so bold on their cabinets. Unless you’re not the type to get sick of things quickly and you are sure you aren’t moving anytime soon, it’s probably best to stick to a more neutral hue.


The bottom line: It’s classic and it’s versatile. “A kitchen that is white makes the space feel bigger. White is also a universally appealing color and leaves a blank slate so buyers can re-envision the space,” said Houzz.
Upside: It will probably always be in style.
Downside: It may get boring and can lack contrast.
Tip: Make sure to add in color and texture in accessories.

Dark Paint or Stain

The bottom line: Has dark wood seen its day? Depends on who you ask. Trending colors are on the light side, but Hues of chocolate and espresso are (still) a current trend in kitchen cabinetry.
Upside: Can look sleek and chic with contrasting counters and floors
Downside: Can look like a cave without substantial natural light.
Tip: Light cabinets, dark counters; dark cabinets, light counters.


The Bottom Line: Blue has been on the interior design radar for a few years and is now trending big in kitchens.
Upside: It’s hot in design circles so there is a multitude of shades available. It can accommodate a number of different styles. And, blue can also be an appetite suppressant.
Downside: Blue can be moody, it won’t be in style forever, necessitating a re-paint, and blue can also be an appetite suppressant.
Tip: If you love blue but you’re not sure about making such a strong commitment to the color, consider panting only the lower cabinets and sticking to a more neutral color like white for uppers.


The bottom line: Gray is easily the hottest color out there right now, and seems to have staying power. But if you’re worried about the possibility that it could look dated in a few years, you might want to go with something more classic.
Upside: It’s trending, so color options are abundant. Plus, it’s thought of as the new neutral, so it goes with just about everything and can range from super traditional to uber contemporary.
Downside: Will you need to replace your countertops, your floors, your furniture, your accessories and your wall color once you introduce gray into your home (we would and we have)?
Tip: Make sure you use a quality paint and brush/roller. Gray creates lots of shadows but can show everything.

For more information on refinishing kitchen cabinets, contact Kenneth C. Lewis Cabinetry.


Kitchen Remodeling Trends and Ideas- Providence

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Home remodeling is back in style and this year has a bunch of new trends.

1. Modern Kitchens

Not so long ago, remodeled kitchens had a rustic feel with warm paint colors and cabinetry, and wrought iron hardware and lighting. Now, modern is in, with white or gray cabinetry, simple countertops, glossy finishes and minimalist designs.  Appliances are more likely to be blended into the design or hidden away from view entirely to give the kitchen a sleeker appearance.

2. Brass Accents

Brass is making a comeback this year. It’s not the highly polished, bright brass hardware and lighting; it is the rustic, dull and hammered brass that is in. The new looks will be incorporated into kitchen and bathroom hardware as well as lighting and door hardware throughout the house.

3. Updated Bathrooms

Bathrooms came in second to kitchen remodeling. As far as style, vintage bathrooms with wainscoting and claw-foot tubs won’t be as popular as resort-style bathrooms that feature amenities such as large walk-in showers with multiple shower heads, heated floors or towel racks, and jetted bathtubs. For coloring and style, glass tiles will be a popular feature as well as neutral and cool colors like ash gray, light blue and off-white.

4. Vibrant Colors

The kitchen may be getting the modern single-shade treatment next year, but other rooms will have color. Bright accent colors such as turquoise, yellow and orange that were popular in 2013 have a new twist; in 2014, they’ll be more of a focal point and even more vibrant with colors such as Green Flash, Lemon Zest, Nectarine and Rouge Red. Vibrant accent walls, main paint colors and flooring throughout bedrooms and main living spaces will be featured.

5. Sustainable Materials

Going green is nothing new, but sustainability may get easier in 2014 remodels. Manufacturers and builders are constantly getting greener and greener in the way they source materials and put up homes. As a result, energy efficiency is becoming an assumption. Remodels will include more renewable materials such as bamboo, energy-efficient appliances and additional designs that incorporate the local climate as well as repurposed materials. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a green solution and a less expensive solution to new cabinets.

For more information on kitchen remodeling, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.


Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Gives Your Kitchen New Life - Boston, Providence

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 09, 2014

If your kitchen cabinets are still good but the doors are looking old, tired and outdated, consider refacing them. Replacing a kitchen can be a very expensive remodel, but if you like the layout of your kitchen and just want to give it a face-lift, cabinet refacing may be an option.

The old doors and drawers are removed and replaced with new ones. There are many different styles and material to choose from. The brand new doors come with "hidden" European-style hinges. Your cabinets will get a fresh cover to match the doors, and it looks like you have purchased all new cabinets.

On the increase

There is a rise in refacing kitchen cabinets because of the variety of materials, styles and colors to choose from. Wood doors are available in maple, hickory, oak, cherry and alder. Are you partial to a solid raised-panel frame, or do you like more of the "Shaker" beaded look? Maybe door frames for glass doors? The color can match your décor from champagne, natural, cider, espresso or something in-between. There is so much to choose. Glaze can be added to the door profile for that "extra touch.”

A very convenient aspect of cabinet refacing is the lack of disruption to your home and your life. In just a few days the work is completed, and you will have a beautiful, updated kitchen.

Going beyond cabinetry

You can improve beyond the face of the cabinetry. Other considerations while cabinet refacing: crown molding for an elegant look, new knobs and hardware for the doors and drawers, adding a new cabinet or creating a new island. You can add new hardwood drawer boxes or roll trays, with top-quality glides and add other interior accessories.

Don't stop updating at the cabinet face; now is a good time to replace your outdated countertop and add new tiled backsplash to go with your new kitchen. For more information contact Kenneth C. Lewis.


Kitchen Remodeling Ideas that Save Money – Boston, Providence

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Remodeling an outdated kitchen can be overwhelming especially when you start calculating the expenses against your budget. When you finally decide to move forward with the remodeling process, there are some budget-friendly avenues you can take.  Here are some ideas that allow you to remodel the kitchen without spending a fortune.

Keep within the same layout. One large cost saving factor to a kitchen remodel is to keep the same layout. When plumbing and electrical doesn't have to be moved, you can save money by not hiring additional contractors and knocking down walls.

Refinish or paint the existing cabinets. If cabinets are in good shape and are good quality, having the existing cabinets painted will be most cost effective compared to purchasing new cabinets. This option will also provide you with a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Remove upper cabinets. Making your kitchen look bigger without knocking down walls and staying within the same footprint is easy. Most times an overabundance of unnecessary kitchen items are stored in cabinets. These items are rarely used or at one time may have seen more usage. Purge kitchen items that take up space. By removing upper cabinets the kitchen space will now visually appear larger.

Remove or Replace cabinet doors. If removing upper cabinets from the space isn't an option, remove upper cabinet doors instead. This avenue will allow for glasses and dishware to be easily accessible and will ensure that unnecessary clutter won't be seen. Or, on the upper cabinets, you can replace cabinet doors with glass doors.

Countertop replacement. If choosing to replace the kitchen counter top, consider granite countertops. Granite can be expensive especially if a larger kitchen is being remodeled. Keeping to a grade 1 compared to a grade 4 or 5 exotic stone will still give you an updated new kitchen look.

Replace Sink and faucet. Change out the sink and faucet if the decision is made to keep the existing counter top, replace the sink and update the faucet hardware. These small changes will make a large impact on the new kitchen look.

Change out cabinet hardware and hinges. This is an easy update that will have tremendous impact on the cabinets. Using a newer fresher style cabinet or bin pull depending on the style of the kitchen is a change worth implementing. So many new styles are available to choose from.

Update lighting. A quick and updated look can also happen by making a lighting change. Remove that old florescent light over the sink and replace it with a funky stylish pendant light. Most times the florescent light is hidden behind a cornice bridge that joins cabinets over the sink. This board is usually only decorative. Remove this cornice and expose the newly installed pendant light.

Exploring some of these options when budgeting for your kitchen remodeling project will give you a newly updated kitchen without spending a fortune. For more information, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

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