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Mini Kitchen Remodels

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Do you cringe at the very thought of how much money you could potentially shell out for an entire kitchen remodel project?

According to a Remodeling magazine survey, the average price of a major kitchen remodel is estimated to cost more than $67,000-with a resale value of just over $50,000. And you can underestimate the makeover's cost by as much as 40% percent.

A newest trend in home remodeling is the mini-remodel keeping the focus on separate updates one at a time rather than doing everything at once. So, instead of gutting your entire kitchen and starting from scratch, consider the smaller projects that can breathe new life into this space without breaking the bank-or your spirit.


This is arguably your home's most used plumbing fixture and a simple update can yield wonders for the entire kitchen. A pullout faucet simplifies prep and cleanup, hot and cold dispensers provide instantaneous water and a bar faucet provides an additional option.


Refacing Cabinets - Cabinet refacing is cheaper than all new cabinets. Kitchen cabinet refacing involves the replacement of the door and drawer fronts (with new) plus installing a veneer of new wood over the existing cabinets. This is usually done with your existing countertops in place if they are in good shape.

For something of a bit higher quality - Reface your cabinets without using veneers. You can get a brand-new kitchen in an affordable price,  by replacing cabinet doors and drawers that are custom-built with soft close slides and high-end quality lacquer finish moldings.


An updated light or lighting system can change the way you look at things in your kitchen-literally.

From an ENERGY STAR-rated ceiling fixture and track lighting to a mini chandelier or pendant lighting over the kitchen table, never underestimate the power of proper lighting anywhere in your home-particularly in the kitchen.

The kitchen remodel doesn't have to be as daunting an event as it sounds. Even a small update can work wonders for your home's favorite meeting place and most popular room.

For more information on a mini-remodel, contact Cabinetry by Kenneth C Lewis.

Red Bluff Daily News

Kitchen Remodeling Done in 4 Days or Less

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

There is a way to remodel your kitchen without spending far too much money:  kitchen cabinet refacing. Kenneth C. Lewis can add new doors to your kitchen cabinets and change all the cabinet hardware.

The effect is beautiful, but the cost savings is dramatic. You can get a new look and feel in your kitchen at least 1/3 of the cost in just 2-4 days.

But, chances are, if your cabinets are outdated, your countertops are too. That can add a pretty penny to the budget's bottom line. But not if you use Cabinet Refinishing by Kenneth c. Lewis.

If we do your kitchen cabinets for you, we will provide your granite, cambria or soapstone countertops at wholesale price. Your kitchen remodel will involve custom made doors and drawer fronts, custom molding, dovetail drawer boxes with easy close slides and we will move the hinges from the outside to the inside. Plus, new countertops at wholesale pricing.

What's stopping you from starting your kitchen remodeling project now? Contact Cabinet Refinishing by Kenneth C. Lewis.

Kitchen Renovations Can Help You Sell Your Home

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 17, 2013

Many homeowners have considered home renovations over the past year. The types and costs of such projects vary greatly.  The most affordable renovation is usually the one that provides the biggest benefit, fresh paint.
The most popular renovation plans are usually the most expensive, and include redoing kitchens and bathrooms.  Kitchen and bath remodels can add value to your home, but if you plan to “get back” what you spent on those projects when you sell the house, it is unlikely that you will see a dollar-to-dollar return.  It is important to decide whether you are doing the remodeling just to increase sale price, or whether you are doing to improve your quality of life.  It is also important to carefully budget the costs.

1. Calculate the costs of your kitchen renovation project.

Estimating how much you will spend on countertops or appliances is fairly easy to do. However, calculating cost can become difficult if you don’t consider the full scope of the project. Before committing to a kitchen renovation, consider the size, the materials needed, and the length of the project. Only after you’ve calculated the total cost can you assess whether renovating is a savvy investment.

2. Ask for professional assistance.

Refusing to hire a professional contractor is another mistake that many home owners make. While it’s possible to successfully complete simple projects on your own, more complex projects should be left to a reputable contractor.

3. Determine how much value the renovations will add to your home.

Only after you determine the cost of the renovation should you estimate how much added value it will bring to your home. If you’re spending thousands of dollars to upgrade your home with features like hardwood flooring and granite countertops, you need to be able to justify the investment.

Select which renovation projects offer a greater return. According to HGTV, kitchen remodels will help you recoup between 60 and 120 percent of your investment depending on what you renovate, while a bathroom addition can recoup 80 to 130 percent.

For  more information on kitchen remodeling, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Unionville Times

Keep Your Cabinets

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? If so, there are ways to keep the costs down but still achieve the effect of a brand new kitchen. One of the most recommended ways to cut costs in kitchen remodeling is to keep the cabinets.

High-end, custom cabinetry quickly sends a kitchen remodeling budget into the red zone. Keep the cabinets you already have -- or keep just their shells and reface them -- and you'll knock thousands of dollars off your renovation. Refinishing or refacing cabinets takes some time and effort, so be prepared to put in a weekend on the job. Even seriously unsightly cabinets can look current and expensive with a fresh coat of paint or stain and new knobs.

For information on cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing, feel free to contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Excerpts SF  Gate

Increase Property Value - Barrington RI

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 02, 2013

One of the ways homeowners can increase their property values is with kitchen remodeling. Anything that makes a home stand out means more money in your pocket when you sell your home.  Even if you don’t move immediately you can enjoy your kitchen remodel while you live there, and enjoy it again when you sell your home.

Remodeling projects that make the kitchen space more inviting and functional can pay off financially. They can also pay off emotionally for those who live there. When families are looking for new homes to purchase, the kitchen area in a potential house can be a deal maker or deal breaker.
If homeowners are on a budget, there are still kitchen remodeling options that can make a substantial difference. No tearing out walls or replacing cabinets. Instead, rearrange the space and reface the cabinets. Replacing the hardware on cabinets will also upgrade the look. Painting the walls in the room will also enhance the room’s appearance. Also, worn out laminate counters can be replaced with granite countertops.

Kitchen remodeling projects, even on modest scales, can enhance the livability of your home and allow for a higher resale price down the road. For more information on cabinet refacing and refinishing, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

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