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Financial Return of Home Remodeling

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Home remodeling is still a very common desire for homeowners. Most everybody wants to have a beautiful home with all of the modern conveniences that are available. The upgrades and improvements that you can do to your home today are almost endless. From the inside of the home to the outside, you can remodel every inch from floor to ceiling and the entire yard. So if you are planning on doing some remodeling to your home, you should consider the following.

Always take into consideration the financial return you will get on the remodel when you go to sell your home. There are many things that you can do to remodel your home that will, or will not add value to it. You want to try to do things that will add good value, so when you go to sell your home, you can usually get your money out that you put into it.

Kitchen remodeling is always a safe bet, however, you don’t have to spend too much. By refacing or refinishing cabinets, you don’t spend too much money (or time) and you get the whole new look in and feel in your kitchen that you were looking for.

The two most typical improvements that add true value to your home are remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms. These are two areas that will usually add good value to your home.

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Buyers Want an Updated Kitchen

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Most home sellers are cognizant that a home has to show well in order to get a fast sale for the most money.

Little things like de-cluttering can go a long way, but what about major renovations? What types of home improvement projects will reap the most rewards in a resale?

When it comes to major renovations, kitchens and baths are the consistent leaders for returns. Of note, industry figures of $1.25 returned for each dollar invested in those areas. Today’s buyers do not have the time to fix dated rooms, so an updated kitchen and bath will result in a faster sale.

What are buyers are attracted to?  They want is a clean, Pottery Barn interior with hardwood floors and updated cabinetry and appliances.
But, you don’t have to break the bank. There are many ways to make small kitchen updates that just change the facade. Cabinetry by Kenneth C. Lewis is a company that specializes in keeping the existing kitchen cabinetry and changing out the doors for a new look.

Also, make sure you watch your budget so the cost of improvements does not exceed the market standard for the Portsmouth, RI or the surrounding area.

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An Ugly Kitchen Should Not Stop You From Buying the New Home

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 12, 2012

If you are interested in taking advantage of the low interest rates and you want to buy a new home in Barrington, RI
don’t let the drab kitchen of your potentially new home hold you back. Kitchen make-over’s don’t have to break the bank.

You have options when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Often the cabinets are ugly, but that doesn’t mean they are bad. It just means they are ugly.
Kitchen cabinet refacing is a perfect option when the existing cabinets are sturdy and sound, just unattractive. Chances are, if it is an older kitchen, your cabinets are beautiful under that ugly paint or varnish.

Refacing Cabinets is an alternative to refinishing and replacing, and it is cheaper than all new cabinets Cabinet refacing involves the replacement of the door and drawer fronts and installing a veneer of new wood over the existing cabinets. If the existing countertops  are in good shape, this is usually done with them in place.

For much less time and considerably less expense, your kitchen can look as good as brand new with kitchen cabinet refacing , contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Will The Kitchen Remodel Pay Off?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Will this renovation pay off? That's the question homeowners who want to increase their home's resale value ask. And in today's tight housing market, the answer to that question may determine whether the house will sell.

Fortunately, a few remodeling projects offer the potential for a high return on investment (ROI). Some of the best renovations are those done on the exterior of the home because they immediately improve a home's curb appeal.

Beyond curb appeal, certain projects will provide higher returns than others.

Kitchens. A kitchen remodel returns an average of 66%, kitchens are one of the first things homebuyers look at. If you have a house that doesn't have an updated kitchen but you have a remodeled attic, that's not what people are looking for.

The cost of a major kitchen remodel varies widely. Nonetheless, it's important not to go overboard. You don't want to price your home out of the local market in Portsmouth, RI and in other areas of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

A major kitchen redesign may not be a good decision if the space only requires a facelift. You don't have to completely gut your kitchen if it's in good working shape. In many cases, less-drastic updates like refinishing kitchen cabinets, upgrading appliances, granite countertops and installing new light fixtures will cut it.

Baths. Investing in a bathroom remodel yields a 62% return, on average, but you've got to do it right. Many homebuyers are looking for a master bathroom with two sinks, custom showers, and great lighting. You'll turn off buyers if you only put in the minimal amount of work. Since bathrooms are especially prone to looking dated, pick neutral colors and finishings.

For information on cabinet refacing and refinishing as well as new countertops, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

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