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Use Existing Cabinets for a Green Kitchen Remodel – North Attleboro, Providence

- Friday, January 17, 2014

As a nation we have become more aware of waste and recycling. One of the most obvious reasons that we recycle is because of our landfills. Landfill use peaked in the 1980s when we threw nearly 150 million tons of trash each year into landfills.(Discovery.com)

This is only one thing to think about when considering kitchen remodeling. If waste reduction is a concern in your household, consider remodeling green by refacing or refinishing existing kitchen cabinets.

By forgoing removing and dumping existing cabinetry, you can relieve landfills of this massive amount of remodeling waste.

Refacing cabinets or refinishing cabinets allows you to make your home look better, and work better for you and for the environment. Want a cleaner planet? Salvage materials and use your existing cabinets. If you like your kitchen layout, and if your cabinets only need an updated look, refacing or refinishing cabinets is the greener, less expensive and less time consuming option.

When you use existing cabinets into your kitchen remodeling project, your project costs less than new products, and last longer at the same time. This is especially the case when you are trying to match or create a style from a certain period or time of construction in an older home.

Another plus? When you choose to re-use your existing cabinets again with cabinet refacing, you reduce disposal costs and help our local economy by creating jobs for local contracting companies that specialize in these environmentally friendly services.Today, we throw away more than 100 million tons of garbage every year. That means that in many places, landfill space is scarce In addition to lessening the burden on our landfills, refacing or refinishing kitchen cabinets minimizes the demand for tree harvesting, water, energy, and other natural resources, as well as toxic materials used to process, manufacture and transport new materials.

For more information on a more green kitchen remodeling project, contact Kenneth C. Lewis Cabinetry.

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