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Update Kitchen Reface Cabinets Before you Put Your Home on the Market – Lexington, MA

- Friday, August 30, 2013

The residential housing market is heating up. But before you put your home on the market, it may makes sense to make those upgrades you had been considering which will add style and value to your home. With many buyers seeking wood floors, kitchen upgrades and other add-ons, it's important for homeowners to highlight these features so their property stands out from the competition.

It comes down to dollars and sense, and ROI. Even with a modest budget, if you take the time and price your options, updating worn floors, dated cabinetry and lackluster walls will make a significant difference.

When it's time to sell, an updated kitchen not only adds good looks, it increases the value of your home.
Between two similar properties buyers will gravitate toward the home with a nice kitchen and updated cabinets, they will spend more for it, and the home will sell faster.

Upgrading kitchens before putting houses on the market is important because potential buyers perceive kitchen renovations to be expensive and inconvenient. Homes without updated kitchens will take longer to sell, and will sell for less.

Simple cabinetry updates aren't expensive and generally provide a good return on the investment. And hardwood products offer lots of options. Refinishing or refacing kitchen cabinets is a faster, less expensive way to update the look of a kitchen.

Many homeowners overlook the low cost and high impact of refacing existing kitchen cabinets. By swapping outdated doors and drawer pulls, a homeowner can get the look of an updated kitchen and save up to 50% of the cost of a complete overhaul. Cabinet refacing is a quick-moving project, and the kitchen remains functional throughout installation.

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