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Tips For Preventing Furniture Damage During Moves

- Thursday, November 11, 2010

This blog post offers simple common sense measures that you can take when moving your furniture.  Why would a guy who provides professional furniture repair and restoration services offer such advice?  The answer is simple.  We are a business rooted in integrity and believe that this is one way that Kenneth C. Lewis looks out for you while strengthening our already rock-solid business reputation.  

If you adhere to the following advice and never again suffer furniture damage, then congrats because you are the rare exception.   But when it comes time to repair damaged furniture, we hope you will turn to us.

You will have to spend money up front to protect your furniture during transit, but it’s worth every penny. Here’s what you’ll need:

Furniture Blankets

Wrap your furniture in furniture blankets and you’ll be able to stack them and maximize the use of your transit space.  You can use or rent furniture blankets.  Realize that they can be used for any number of household purposes (yard blankets, attic storage protection, future moves, etc).  

Quilted Chair and Sofa Covers
You can use chair covers instead of furniture blankets if you want to take extra precautions to protect heirloom quality sofas and chairs.  They are sewn to fit your chairs snug, as opposed to furniture blankets that you’ll have to manipulate to try to cover the entire surface area of your chair.

Moving Pads
You can use moving pads to protect large furniture, like your piano, from getting damaged. They won’t cover the entire furniture, like a furniture blanket, but they’re useful for loading and unloading different furniture items.

Mattress Covers
These are huge, durable plastic covers that fit your mattress. It will protect your mattress from water damage as well as from rips and tears. You’ll need to buy one for the mattress and another one of your box spring. Mattress covers come in all sizes, from crib mattresses to king sized beds.

When you use straps in the moving truck, you can keep furniture from sliding back and forth. You can also organize the move by strapping certain “rooms” towards the back of your truck, and others near the front. If your primary concern is making sure that your furniture stays in one place while the truck is on the move, buy furniture traps to keep things securely in one place. You can also use straps to lift heavy furniture. These fit comfortably around your shoulders and attach to the furniture for you to lift and carry to your truck.

Bubble Wrap
You’ll need bubble wrap for your fragile items, such as glass mirrors and antiques. Bubble wrap cushions the item wrapped inside, protecting it from damage during the move. You can also pack several items next to or on top of each other, if you use bubble wrap as a cushion between them. These are widely accessible and easy to use. An alternative to using bubble wrap is packing paper, but these may not work well for some of your heavier or more fragile items.
It’s risky business moving without the proper supplies to prevent furniture damage. You should do what you can to preserve your items, and to make sure that your furniture arrives in one piece.

Please realize that we also provide cabinet refinishing and repair services and countertops repair and replacement services.  Do your best to protect them.  When you need them repaired, restored, or replaced, contact us!

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