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Time to Begin the Kitchen Remodeling Project – Boston, Providence

- Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Most homebuyers right now are buying homes that need some remodeling. Single home inventory is low, which means compromises have to be made. Most homeowners have grand plans for how they hope their houses will eventually look. Of course, this usually involves some sort of remodel. The room of choice this fall is…the kitchen.

But just because the plans have been made and the estimates have been calculated, things may not be in the works just yet.

According to Houzz, of the more than 7,000 homeowners who shared kitchen remodel plans, 68% of them haven’t begun their kitchen remodeling project.

Although the reasons homeowners want a kitchen remodel vary, all reasons gravitate toward one bottom line: People are creating kitchens to please themselves, making them beautiful and functional. Seventy-nine percent said they hoped to improve their kitchen’s look and feel.

What’s a remodeled kitchen without new appliances? And  most homeowners desire the same high-end toys. A chef’s stove tops the list, with double ovens coming in second. Other coveted appliances include wine fridges, dishwasher drawers, warming drawers and pot fillers. There is a way to have great appliances in your remodeling budget without breaking the bank. Refacing kitchen cabinets entirely changes the look and feel of your kitchen while leaving money in the budget for those high-end appliances you have been dying for.

More than half of homeowners haven’t gotten started on their kitchen remodeling project yet because too many think they have to start from scratch. Starting from scratch versus working with the existing elements, including your existing cabinetry, causes delays. Cabinet refacing gets the job done faster for less, with the same effect.

Another surprising statistic in the Houzz study is that bigger is not always better when it comes to kitchens. So keep the layout, re-use kitchen cabinets and begin your kitchen remodeling project by refacing cabinets. Contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

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