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Save Money - Use Your Old Cabinets in your New Kitchen

- Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Thinking about a kitchen makeover? New cabinets are the bulk of the cost. But newly refinished cabinets can give you a brand new kitchen. Cut the cost on your kitchen makeover by adding a new finish or decorative flair to your existing cabinets. Don’t rip them out and replace them, refinish them. No matter what style you are looking for, newly refinished cabinets can change the entire look and feel of your kitchen.
New cabinets, even in-stock cabinets at a big box store cost tens of thousands of dollars. If your kitchen cabinets were custom made, stock cabinets are not an option.  If you have been putting off a kitchen remodel, it has probably been in part from the cost of the project as well as the mess and stress of the project.

Cabinet Refinishing, especially on custom made cabinets, is a great way to get what you want from your kitchen in less time, for less money.

Cabinet refinishing may be a better, less stressful and far less time consuming solution. Your old cabinets, along with high quality finishing products, professional standards, and the right finish will give  you that “new” kitchen you have been waiting for; contact Cabinetry by Kenneth C. Lewis.  

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