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Remodel by Repurposing Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

- Friday, August 10, 2012

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s Contractor of the Year awards program recently identified some of the top nation-wide remodeling trends, which frequently show up in projects.

Reclaim, Reuse and Refurbish
Several winning projects mentioned reusing items in the home and/or installing reclaimed items. Many clients request reusing items from their existing kitchens to some degree in remodeling projects.

People try to save as much as possible; they don’t want to replace everything.

For example: different ways of reuse such as cabinetry. Reuse the existing cabinets by refinishing or refacing cabinets rather than replacing them keeps costs and waste down. Also, reclaiming barn doors and repurposing a dresser into a bathroom vanity.

Another example: reclaimed long-leaf pine flooring, which matched the addition to the original home’s flooring throughout.

Clients often want their project to have that antique-look. There is a trend toward the distressed wood interiors and away from the sleek, contemporary look.

Old is new. Clients are consistently asking to have an old piece of wood or furniture repurposed into something else and they want it distressed to look old.

If you would like to repurpose your kitchen cabinets, or an old dresser, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

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