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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Gives you the Look of a New Kitchen - Wellesley, MA

- Friday, August 09, 2013

While the real estate market is picking up, there are still those homeowners who are opting to stay put. It is a buyer’s market, so if they have a home to sell, many are choosing not to. Instead, homeowners are remodeling. One way to remodel the kitchen without breaking the budget is with cabinet refacing.  This is the perfect way to deal with old and worn out cabinets that are in otherwise great shape.

In a kitchen makeover new cabinets are the majority of the cost, especially if they are custom designed. If you don’t need to change the layout of your kitchen, use the cabinets you have, in the configuration that makes sense. With kitchen cabinet refacing you can add a glass cabinet door if you want one, add shelves that pull out if you need them.

Consider cabinet refacing if you have decided to pass on the stress of moving. In fact, cabinet refacing is even less stressful than a full kitchen remodeling project. Kitchen cabinet refacing takes 4 days or maybe less.

Newly refaced cabinets can give you a brand new kitchen. Cut the cost on your kitchen remodeling project and add a new finish or decorative flair to your existing cabinets.  You may find that refacing your existing cabinets is the best solution, not the least of which is cost and results.
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