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Lacquer Finish is A More Convenient Choice for Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing – Providence, RI

- Friday, June 27, 2014

Cabinet refinishing and custom cabinetry have been made even better because of the use of lacquer. It is an excellent finish for cabinets and other furniture. If you don't want a clear finish, you can use other hues for tinting. This gives more color combinations and options in updating your kitchen by refinishing kitchen cabinets.

Choosing lacquer for cabinet refinishing is a good choice. With just a few thin layers, your old kitchen cabinets will get a whole new look. And the advantages do not end there.

When kitchen cabinet refinishing in Providence, RI uses lacquer, there is a reliable resistance factor added to your refinished cabinets that can help protect them from heat, wear and tear, and water and other solvents.

Lacquer is a film finish which is another benefit. This means it does not penetrate down to the wood, instead it sits on the surface of the wood. Each layer of lacquer melts into the last and becomes one with the new film of lacquer, this gives it a smoother finish.

Lacquer is composed of a quick-dry formula which is why it is best applied with a spray equipment for a better refinished result. It can also be applied through hand brushing but is quite difficult lacquer dries fast.

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