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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

- Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Roger Hazard, designer and producer of A&E network's “Sell This House”,  has designed a kitchen with cabinets colored lavender and eggplant. In fact, the used green cabinets in his own Texas kitchen.

The kitchen with the purple tones is “a piece of jewelry custom designed just for the homeowner,” he said. “It feels happy.”

But he also understands you might want a more neutral choice for your kitchen cabinets, and recommends you consider gray.

“Gray will mix with any color and will work with any flooring,” he said. “Brown is very color specific.”

The color gray gets votes from other designers as well.  Many designers note that gray is almost a water color, and say that ocean-inspired shades of blue and green are very popular.

Here are more trends noticed by Hazard:

  • People thought that bigger was better, but a really large kitchen is almost like going to the gym. It's more interesting to look at less space, and it can function better.
  • Today's kitchen should be comfortable so people can sit and talk to the cook.

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Excerpts from Daily Herald

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