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Kitchen Cabinets - Know Your Options - Newton

- Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kitchen remodeling can be quite an investment.  When making the decision to begin this project, homeowners should consider the balance of quality, price and design. One of the biggest decisions when planning a kitchen renovation is the cabinetry, with the expense and upheaval to your kitchen, it’s hard to know which direction is best.

In deciding on how to address your kitchen cabinets, the first question to consider is, “what are your specific needs?  Most homeowners want style, functionality and long-lasting, durable finish.

Cabinet refinishing might be the perfect solution for you kitchen renovation. If you existing cabinets are sturdy, and made from quality materials, then refacing or refinishing the cabinets might be more beneficial. In fact, there are many benefits to cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing.

Cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing is an eco-friendly option. Your cabinets are preserved in this process instead of being thrown away. Instead of throwing away your cabinets, keep them in your home and have them refaced or refinished to give them a brand new look.

Easier on your budget
New kitchen cabinets can cost up to and well over $10,000. Most kitchen renovations involve new countertops, appliances, flooring and more, the costs can really begin to add up.  If the cabinet doors are in good condition, cabinet refinishing is an option. Or, if the doors need to be replaced, cabinet refacing is a good option. With cabinet refinishing, the doors and drawers are removed and refinished with an updated and durable stain, lamnate or paint. In cabinet refacing, the doors and drawers are removed and new doors and drawers are applied. The cabinet frames are updated with new laminate, stain, or paint. Because you're repurposing the existing cabinetry, you'll save a great deal of money.

Less disturbance in your kitchen
A kitchen remodeling project can take you out of your kitchen for several weeks to months. This means you can't cook, relax, wash dishes, or gather. If you're refinishing or refacing cabinets, this only takes a few days.  

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