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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing for a Faster and Easier Kitchen Remodel

- Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Kenneth C. Lewis Cabinet refinishing in Boston, MA

Are you thinking of remodeling the kitchen? Are you worried that it may be too expensive of a project? If so, consider kitchen cabinet refacing. The cost of kitchen cabinet refacing is considerably less than the price of gutting your entire kitchen. Best of all, the job can be completed in a much shorter amount of time.

If you want a whole new kitchen without a huge budget, contemplate cabinet refacing. Kitchen cabinet refacing usually involves replacing the door and drawer fronts and installing a new wood veneer over the existing cabinets. But refacing can also mean repainting the current cabinets and drawer fronts and updating the hardware or stripping the cabinets and applying veneer or other decorative elements.

Most home owners can keep the layout of their kitchen the same especially when it is functional and designed well. In these cases, there really is no reason to tear out the cabinets and replace them with new.

By having your kitchen cabinets refaced instead of replaced you get the benefits of a full custom kitchen remodel for a far more cost-effective value.

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