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Inexpensive Bathroom Upgrades for Boston and Rhode Island Homes

- Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Every time you walk into your bathroom, you are reminded of what you never wanted your bathroom to look like.  Instead of getting frustrated, you could invest in an inexpensive bathroom renovation that can actually boost your home's value.

The national average for a bathroom renovation is $16,552, so a low cost bathroom facelift is a great solution for your bathroom and your wallet.

By updating a few areas of your bathroom without spending a lot of money, your bathroom can feel brand new and add value to your home.

Here are some ideas for a low-cost bathroom renovation that can pay you back.

Project No. 1: Reface Cabinets
Your bathroom cabinets can take a beating throughout the years. You might think that the best option is to replace it entirely, but a more budget-friendly option is to achieve a brand new look by refacing bathroom cabinets, which maintains the structure of your cabinets while replacing the doors and drawers.

Refacing the bathroom vanity can change the entire feel of the bathroom, updating the old cabinet doors and drawers can give your bathroom a modern, fresh look that can increase the value of your home with a dollar for dollar investment.

And speaking of finances, cabinet refacing will cost significantly less than replacing your entire vanity and cabinets. Before you decide to replace your bathroom cabinets entirely, if your cabinets are structurally sound they may simply need a facelift.

Project No. 2: Update Your Floors
Project No. 3: Install a Stylish Sink
Project No. 4: Update the Lighting
Project No. 5: Get a Stylish Shower Head

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