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Increase Home Equity On a Limited Budget – Boston, MA

- Thursday, March 06, 2014

If you are working on a limited budget and want to increase your home's equity fast, there are a few quick and easy renovations that can make this happen.

No need to spend thousands on new kitchen appliances or large remodeling projects. When you know what buyers are searching for, you can capitalize on the real estate market and end up with a healthy profit.

How to Sell Your Home at a Top-dollar Price

Cabinet refacing professionals emphasize the importance of revamping key rooms, namely the master bedroom, the kitchen and the bathrooms. These spaces get the most attention for obvious reasons, so be sure to allocate a good portion of your renovation budget on them. For kitchens, the cosmetics matter more than anything. Focus on the countertops, the backsplash and the cabinets. You don’t need to buy new kitchen cabinets. Cabinet refacing gives your kitchen a new look and feel at the fraction of the cost and in just 2-4 days.

You can save a lot of money that can be put to good use elsewhere by hiring Kenneth C. Lewis Refacing to refinish your home's existing cabinetry instead of replacing them.

Other places to invest money are in making your home energy-efficient by installing new doors and windows along with other interior upgrades. These will ultimately mean the most for buyer in the long-term.

For more information on cabinet refacing, contact Kenneth C. Lewis Cabinetry.


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