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Green Kitchen Remodeling is the New Trend – Wellesley, Lexington, Belmont

- Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Remodeling a kitchen takes a lot of planning and research. There are three reasons one might want to remodel their kitchen; improve the flow, update or improve the room, or add value to the home. Kitchen remodeling is the one remodeling project that will surely increase home value.

While kitchen trends abound, so go into and out of style faster than others. Consumers look online, at social sites, and in magazines for ideas, but one caution, be careful not to be too trendy with a new kitchen design, too much customization, quirks, or fast fading fads can cost more and give you less ROI than you had planned.

But there are five new trends that are must have items for any kitchen remodeling project, and these kitchen trends will always be up to date.

You can never go wrong being more green with your remodeling. Consumers and homeowners today are looking for easy ways to save and recycle. Refacing cabinets with green paints and stains are a twofold way to be green in your remodel. Refacing kitchen cabinets saves on waste and using green stains and paints is healthier for your and the environment.

A double trash pullout is a definite must, one of the most popular items added to a kitchen remodeling project. One bin is for trash and one bin is for recycling, making it easy to separate the recycle and easy to put them out for recycle pick up. When cabinet refacing, your contractor can design this cabinet for you with cabinet space you already have.

Create a simple style. Clean line cabinet doors with recessed center panels instead of raised doors that are less “ornate” and more “comfortable casual”.

Large drawers are a very popular selection. These drawers are for pots and pans. The more drawers the better and the bigger the better. People are going away from the roll out shelves to drawers for ease of function.

Kitchen islands are getting larger and larger and better functioning with the entire family having a space for every need including homework, prep space, clean up, and cooking.

For the countertops, quartz is growing in popularity over granite countertops, the colors are more uniform and simple looking. The main difference between granite and quartz; granite is natural rock from the earth and will have pitting that requires a sealer every 1-3 years. Quartz is natural rock ground up and repoured to make the counter top. It is also maintenance free. Some will choose the type of countertop based on the look and others will choose the counter top based on the amount of maintenance.

For more information on a green kitchen remodel, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

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