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Eye Catching Ideas for Kitchen Countertops

- Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Homeowners are moving away from tile countertops, which are difficult to maintain, in favor of natural stone, solid surfaces and environmentally friendly 'green' products.

Granite countertops are still the biggest thing out there, but less common materials like marble, limestone and soapstone are becoming more popular countertop choices.

These materials are much more durable than we have been led to believe especially with the advent of greatly improved sealers and a routine maintenance schedule.

For homeowners looking to jazz up their modern kitchens with bright, bold countertops, we suggest quartz.

Quartz counters may not be as durable as granite but it comes in colors not typically seen in natural stone, like lime green and electric blue. For those who may not appreciate stone's natural pigment variation, quartz offers consistent color from top to bottom and side to side.

Natural stone countertops that combine different textures are a new trend. For this look, installers use stone with two different finishes, one sandblasted to a matte finish, the other polished to a smooth gloss. Lindsay says that a typical application might be to use one finish for a kitchen island and the other for the rest of the kitchen countertops.

Wood adds a warmth and beauty to kitchens that no other material can match. So recently more homeowners have been opting for wood countertops over stone.

Another great kitchen island idea for homeowners is a beautiful butcher block island that you can actually cut on.

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