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Countertop Material and the Decision Making Process- Newton

- Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kitchen remodeling is fun and overwhelming. There are loads of decisions to make and dozens of products to compare. Just deciding on what type of kitchen countertops to choose can be daunting. But we found this Huffington Post article that summed it up. Here are some pro’s and con’s on a number of countertop materials.

1. Stainless Steel
What is it? It's exactly what it sounds like. Sheets of the metal are retrofitted to fit your unique design.
Why we like it: They're antimicrobial and super easy to clean and we love the metallic glow they give any kitchen.
Downfalls: Metal will scratch and etch over time, but this is part of the beauty of its patina.

2. Butcher Block
What is it? Typically made from a hard maple that is laminated and sealed.
Why we like it: If you're looking for the warm, rich look of wood, they're right up your alley.
Downfalls: This product needs to be sealed regularly because it is very porous. Unfortunately, it can scorch, stain and scratch.

3. Laminate
What is it? Paper or fabric sheeting is glued to a plywood substrate.
Why we like it: It's available in thousands of colors and styles, it's inexpensive and pretty durable.
Downfalls: You'll see seams, you can't cut on it and it will scorch if you put a hot pot on the surface.

4. Granite
What is it? A strong natural stone which can be polished or honed.
Why we like it: This can be found with many beautiful color variations, it resists chemicals and bacteria and it's relatively easy to maintain if you seal it once in a while.
Downfalls: There aren't too many issues, but it must be sealed and there will be some visible seams.

5. Quartz
What is it? A combination of natural quartz stone and manmade resins.
Why we like it: It's extremely durable, non-porous and it resists heat. It also needs very little maintenance.
Downfalls: This one is pretty expensive and you will see some seams.

6. Marble
What is it? An elegant natural stone with notable veining and markings.
Why we like it: It's truly beautiful, and reminds us of French patisseries.
Downfalls: It can stain and etch pretty easily and has a hefty price tag.

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