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Choices for Cabinet Door Replacement – Providence, RI

- Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why replace all the kitchen cabinets when really you only need to replace the doors? When considering cabinet door replacement, you have two choices: buy new cabinet doors or reface the old ones.

Refacing Cabinet Doors
Refacing existing cabinet doors will cost you significantly less. But remember, DIY refacing is a very tough job, especially for the inexperienced. Replacing doors and drawer fonts may be easy, but replacing the veneer is not something the layperson can do. So it is better to get some help from a professional like Kenneth C. Lewis. Cabinet refacing means that the cabinets and doors are removed, refinished, and reinstalled. You can choose what finish, stain, or paint you want to create a whole new look and feel in your kitchen. Choosing this route will cost 50% less than new custom cabinet installation.

Buying New Kitchen Cabinet Doors
When choosing new cabinets, you can still choose what finish, stain, or paint you want. Additionally, you can also choose the style and material. When choosing the materials for cabinet door replacement, you can match them with the current material or you can switch material. However, whichever path you choose, this is a much more expensive and time consuming route because all of the doors need to be custom made and finished.

Cabinet door replacement may take two to three days which means that you can get a ‘new’ kitchen faster, for less. Get all the details you need on cabinet door replacement and other alternatives, see Kenneth C. Lewis now.

Cabinet Refinishing by Kenneth C. Lewis
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