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Cabinet Refacing Options for a Whole New Look – Newton, Cambridge, Brookline

- Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cabinet refacing experts can brighten any kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen remodel. Homeowners choosing a cabinet refacing company will have less stress, less kitchen disruption and a beautiful kitchen with a new look and feel in far less time.  Cabinet rafacing offers kitchen improvement options without the hassle of demolition and total replacement of your cabinets. This is an excellent choice if the existing cabinets are outdated but in good shape, and if you like the layout of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a good choice if the basic structure of the cabinetry is intact but the doors have become worn and tattered as a result of use over years.

Refacing cabinets can be accomplished by filling in any existing cracks, sanding, painting or staining the cabinets. This affords you the opportunity to update your kitchen color to something more trendy or updated. Cabinet refacing is cheaper than buying all new cabinets and involves the replacement of the door and drawer fronts. This is usually done with your existing countertops in place if they are in good shape.

Another cabinet refacing option for custom cabinets includes refacing with veneer. This is an option for when your kitchen cabinets are made of a wood, like plywood, that does not respond to refinishing with stain or paint.

Another option is entirely removing and replacing all or some of the cabinet doors. This is a more affordable option than replacing all the cabinetry and will still offer the kitchen a whole new custom look.

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