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Benefits of Using Granite Tile Countertops vs Solid Granite

- Monday, February 28, 2011

You've made the decision to invest in upgrading your kitchen.  Congratulations! No area of your home is more readily observed. You, your friends, and your relatives are going to love it.  Your future real estate agent will love it too because kitchen upgrades are the home improvements that really crank up your home's resale value!

Unless you are simply independently wealthy and cost is a non-factor, Kenneth C Lewis strongly advise our clients to consider granite tile vs solid granite countertops because there is a significant cost savings involved yet essentially zero drop off in aesthetics, durability, and resale value. Those cost savings can be reinvested in other high utility upgrades such as appliances, flooring, and lighting, or even Old-World Finish Cabinets

Why is granite tile more affordable - Granite tile countertops cost less than the solid granite because there is simply less volume of the expensive raw material.  If it is important for YOU to know that the unobservable sub-surface of your countertops are solid granite (vice a composite of equal or even greater strength) then by all means buy solid granite.  However, if you are like most, you don't care about that which you can't see, then save money by using tile and either cut the overall project cost or reinvest the savings elsewhere. 

Remember, granite tile has the same benefits as solid granite countertops - Smooth surface, durable, long lasting, available in a variety of colors and many more are the same benefits that you get when you choose granite tile countertops. The only thing that it does not have is the continuity of the kitchen counter itself, but we have grouts or materials to fill the gaps for that.

Tile is easy to replace in cases of damage.   Unlike solid granite countertops, you have the advantage of replacing the one spot that was damaged instead of replacing the whole thing. This will save you time, effort and money. However, with that said, unless your crazy Uncle Lewie takes a sledge hammer to your tile or solid granite, you are not likely to ever need a granite repair service

Combination - Making use of granite tile countertops give you the advantage of creating combinations from different tile colors to form a design on your countertops should you choose to. These are for people who do not want their kitchens to look plain. In creating designs use darker colors to define the edges of the lighter ones.

There are many reasons to choose Kenneth C. Lewis as your general home improvement contractor. We are exceptionally experienced and skilled at granite counter tops.   This is one of our favorite things to do because of the observable nature of countertops and the observable smiles that this work puts on our client's faces.  We'd love to give your kitchen (or bathroom) a granite face-lift today. 

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