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Bathroom Renovations that are Cost Effective – Foxboro, North Attlebor, MA

- Thursday, September 19, 2013

If you are considering which home improvement projects to move to the top of the list, bathrooms and kitchens will give you the best ROI. Bathroom renovations are second to kitchen renovations when it comes to increasing your home value. Bathroom renovations are very popular because can transform a space, instantly updating the look and feel of your home.
Of course, no renovation is easy, but there are ways that homeowners can keep the work and cost of the renovation to a minimum. Especially when you can use what you already have.


When possible, covering up what you have in the bathroom is much less expensive and less labor-intensive than tearing out existing cabinets, fixtures and floors and replacing them anew.  Resurfacing can extend to refinishing bathtubs to installing shower liners. But it can also extend to cabinets and vanities. Refacing bathroom vanities and cabinets is less expensive, faster and more efficient than replacing everything.

If you have ugly walls or wallpaper that you don’t want to- or can’t remove, consider using wainscoting to cover a portion of the room or even tiling entire walls.

Scale back on materials

Do not underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint on any room in the house, including the bathroom. Dark, small spaces can be made to look more expansive with lighter colors.
Cavernous bathrooms that look empty may prove more inviting with darker hues. Pick a paint that is designed for bathroom application so that mold and mildew cannot grow.

Update hardware

A new faucet or some new cabinet pulls can make the room look new and fresh without breaking the bank. Match finishes throughout the bathroom so everything will match. When shopping for a new showerhead, choose a model that also conserves water. This way you will be making cosmetic and energy saving renovations at the same time.

For more information on renovating your bathroom, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

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