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A New Kitchen by Refacing Old Kitchen Cabinets - Cambridge, MA

- Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do you have a kitchen that has a the right flow, but needs an updated look? Are you kitchen cabinets structurally sound, but need a facelift? There are cost effective, beautiful solutions. If your kitchen cabinets need to be updated, you can accomplish this and still avoid the cost of buying new cabinets.
Cabinet refacing saves you money allowing you more of a budget to spend on other stuff, like tile floors or better yet, a vacation! Newly refaced kitchen cabinets can give you the appearance of a brand new kitchen.
It’s not just custom cabinets that are over-the-top expensive, even stock cabinets at a big box store can cost far too much.  Cut the cost. Kitchen cabinet refacing can achieve the look and feel of new cabinets. The doors of the cabinets are removed and replaced. The cabinets themselves receive a new veneer of wood to match the new door and drawer fronts.
You can also reface your cabinets without using veneers. You can get a brand-new kitchen in an affordable price, when you reface your cabinets by replacing doors and drawers that are custom-built with soft close slides and high-end quality lacquer finish moldings.

Cut the cost on your kitchen makeover while still changing the entire look and feel of your kitchen. Cabinet refacing is a great way to save money and achieve the look you are after. Contact  Cabinetry by Kenneth C. Lewis.

Cabinet Refinishing by Kenneth C. Lewis
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