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25 Years of Cabinet and Furniture Repair Services Across MA and RI

- Thursday, August 22, 2013

Twenty-five(25) years. Roll that number in your head for a moment. For 25 years, Kenneth C. Lewis has provided excellence in cabinet repair and refinishing, furniture repair and refinishing, and countertop repair and refinishing throughout MA and RI.  Every business owner from time to time must reflect upon the joys of running a business. Two things come to mind immediately.

We reflect upon the joy of delivering a flawless final product, on time or early, and at the most valued price available across this great land. We not only believe this, we know it to be true. And every single completed job brings tremendous reward to each and every one of us. We reflect upon our selfless customers who often take time out of their day to provide heartfelt and honest feedback. You can read the exact quotes from our customers on our testimonials page, but below are just of few of the repeated keywords embedded within our customer’s comments:

  • Kindness: I appreciate your kindness in getting right back to me..."
  • Love: .. “Simply put I love my kitchen!"
  • Fast: ” You completed our kitchen in days instead of months..."
  • Durable: “…as you said, your product is very durable!”
Thank you dear friends. Your selfless feedback is a motivating force for excellence and adds joy to every member of the Kenneth C. Lewis staff.

Cabinet Refinishing by Kenneth C. Lewis
Cabinet Refinishing by Kenneth C. Lewis

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