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Cabinet Door Replacement is the Perfect Solution for a Quick and Effective Kitchen Remodeling Project – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 06, 2015

Cabinet door replacement in Boston, MA is the perfect solution for kitchen cabinets whose aesthetic value has declined due to wear and tear of the doors. Sometimes, just the replacement of cabinet doors which have been damaged due to frequent use is all that needs to be done to give your kitchen a brand new look and feel.

You no longer have to throw away your existing cabinets if they are in good shape but just look old. A better solution for your wallet, your time, your quality of life, and the land fill is to replace cabinet doors. And even if there is no damage, but the doors look dated, replacing cabinet doors can still be done to give your kitchen a quick facelift. Kitchen cabinets are not only intended for storage. Oftentimes, cabinet doors have patterns, colors and designs that make the whole kitchen beautiful and welcoming making them a very place to start your remodeling project.

If your budget for your kitchen remodeling project is limited, you have the option of a mini remodel, updating each part of your kitchen separately instead of remodeling it all at once. If you want to begin with a smaller project that has a big impact, hire a professional to get started right away with cabinet door replacement.

To find out more about cost-effective and time-efficient kitchen improvements, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Cabinet Door Replacement: A Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient Mini-Remodeling Project for Homeowners on a Tight Budget - Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 17, 2014

There are cases when all you need is a cabinet door replacement to revamp the vibe and aura of your kitchen at home. Due to frequent use, kitchen cabinets are prone to wear and tear. Because you frequently open and close the cabinet doors, they are often dented, dinged or damaged and need to be replaced.

Replacing cabinet doors is an ideal alternative to those who cringe at the very thought of the money and time it takes for a whole kitchen remodel. Often you do not actually need to remodel the entire kitchen for an updated look and feel. The more popular trend is to do a mini-remodel and focus on separate updates rather than doing everything all at once. Cabinet door replacement is a cost-effective and time-efficient means to do this.

Cabinet door replacement in Cambridge, MA entails adding new doors and drawer fronts to your kitchen cabinets. You no longer have to dispose of your outdated cabinet or dull cabinets. All you need to do is replace the doors, either with completely new ones, or by refacing the existing ones.

For more details on a mini-kitchen remodeling projects at home, contact a professional like Kenneth C. Lewis.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas that Save Money – Boston, Providence

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Remodeling an outdated kitchen can be overwhelming especially when you start calculating the expenses against your budget. When you finally decide to move forward with the remodeling process, there are some budget-friendly avenues you can take.  Here are some ideas that allow you to remodel the kitchen without spending a fortune.

Keep within the same layout. One large cost saving factor to a kitchen remodel is to keep the same layout. When plumbing and electrical doesn't have to be moved, you can save money by not hiring additional contractors and knocking down walls.

Refinish or paint the existing cabinets. If cabinets are in good shape and are good quality, having the existing cabinets painted will be most cost effective compared to purchasing new cabinets. This option will also provide you with a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Remove upper cabinets. Making your kitchen look bigger without knocking down walls and staying within the same footprint is easy. Most times an overabundance of unnecessary kitchen items are stored in cabinets. These items are rarely used or at one time may have seen more usage. Purge kitchen items that take up space. By removing upper cabinets the kitchen space will now visually appear larger.

Remove or Replace cabinet doors. If removing upper cabinets from the space isn't an option, remove upper cabinet doors instead. This avenue will allow for glasses and dishware to be easily accessible and will ensure that unnecessary clutter won't be seen. Or, on the upper cabinets, you can replace cabinet doors with glass doors.

Countertop replacement. If choosing to replace the kitchen counter top, consider granite countertops. Granite can be expensive especially if a larger kitchen is being remodeled. Keeping to a grade 1 compared to a grade 4 or 5 exotic stone will still give you an updated new kitchen look.

Replace Sink and faucet. Change out the sink and faucet if the decision is made to keep the existing counter top, replace the sink and update the faucet hardware. These small changes will make a large impact on the new kitchen look.

Change out cabinet hardware and hinges. This is an easy update that will have tremendous impact on the cabinets. Using a newer fresher style cabinet or bin pull depending on the style of the kitchen is a change worth implementing. So many new styles are available to choose from.

Update lighting. A quick and updated look can also happen by making a lighting change. Remove that old florescent light over the sink and replace it with a funky stylish pendant light. Most times the florescent light is hidden behind a cornice bridge that joins cabinets over the sink. This board is usually only decorative. Remove this cornice and expose the newly installed pendant light.

Exploring some of these options when budgeting for your kitchen remodeling project will give you a newly updated kitchen without spending a fortune. For more information, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Huff Post Home

Stay in Your Home Just Remodel it

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Many homeowners who want to remodel are faced with the question: Should they replace their kitchen cabinets or just replace the cabinet doors?

Other homeowners have no idea that, depending on the material, they could restore their countertops to save some money, rather than buy new ones.

They want their kitchen remodel to be done right but also economically. They are also sure about one other thing.

They are not interested in buying a new home, just in making their existing home more comfortable by fixing up the kitchen and the bathroom.

The state of the economy and real estate market has created plenty of interest in remodeling projects. But consumers are not spending as much money as they used, but rather looking for more economical solutions. One of those solutions is cabinet refacing or cabinet refinishing in the kitchen and the bathroom.

If you are interested in spending your money more wisely, looking for value, and staying put, contact Cabinetry by Kenneth C. Lewis.

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