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Kitchen Makeovers through Cabinet Refacing is Less Mess and Less Money - Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 28, 2014

The main reason why kitchen makeovers in Cambridge, MA are growing in demand is because of the added functionality and more attractive appearance they provide. The most practical means for getting a kitchen remodel for less time, less mess, and money is by hiring a cabinet refacing professional to improve the existing structural design and storage capacity of your cabinets.

The kitchen is the most popular room in any home to be remodeled. The most time-efficient and budget friendly kitchen makeover can be done by refacing cabinets . This grants your current kitchen an instant facelift at a lesser price while you gain more in cabinetry storage and aesthetics. Cabinetry improvements solve the problem of an outdated kitchen and lack of storage.

Cabinet refacing may be right for you because it is less expensive and more environment friendly than buying all new cabinets. If you want a new look in your kitchen, you do not have to break the bank. Instead, you can maximize a limited home improvement budget with the help of cabinet refacing professionals. The doors and drawers of your existing cabinets will be removed and replaced with new parts. Pressure sensitive wood veneer and precut end panels can be installed while adding roll trays and other optional space saving features.

For kitchen makeover options that accommodate to your lifestyle and incorporate your cabinet storage design ideas, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2014 - Newton, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A new year brings new kitchen design trends. There are plenty of new kitchen remodeling ideas that people are excited to put into their kitchens in 2014. Here are the kitchen trends that are popular this year:

1. Engineered stone countertops; they don’t chip or stain like granite and the other natural stones can, and are gaining popularity in homes with children.

2. Open Concepts; homeowners want to create a space that allows more people to gather in and around the kitchen instead of compartmentalized areas.

3. Gray; either gray stained cabinetry or gray painted walls, gray is definitely the new beige.

4. Stainless steel hoods with beautiful backsplashes; instead of just the hood being a focal point, it allows the whole area to become a focal point.

5. Open shelving; it draws the eye upward and breaks up a space that’s heavy with cabinetry. Refacing cabinets is a great way to speed up the job, save time and money, and save on resources. With cabinet refacing, shelves or glass doors can be added as well.

6. Glass tile backsplash; it adds beautiful texture to a kitchen and isn’t found in every kitchen you walk into.

7. Large kitchen islands with seating; as the kitchen becomes more of an entertaining space, homeowners like to incorporate seating around the island to make the kitchen even more inviting for guests.

8. Prep sinks in addition to main sinks; this is ideal for families who typically have two cooks in the kitchen, allowing both people to work without bumping into one another.

9. Beverage centers; they help the traffic flow in a kitchen, especially while entertaining.

10. Quality products; people want to remodel their kitchen with quality materials and products that won’t need repairs or replacing in a few years.

For more information on kitchen remodeling, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Chicago Tribune

Cabinet Refacing Options for a Whole New Look – Newton, Cambridge, Brookline

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cabinet refacing experts can brighten any kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen remodel. Homeowners choosing a cabinet refacing company will have less stress, less kitchen disruption and a beautiful kitchen with a new look and feel in far less time.  Cabinet rafacing offers kitchen improvement options without the hassle of demolition and total replacement of your cabinets. This is an excellent choice if the existing cabinets are outdated but in good shape, and if you like the layout of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a good choice if the basic structure of the cabinetry is intact but the doors have become worn and tattered as a result of use over years.

Refacing cabinets can be accomplished by filling in any existing cracks, sanding, painting or staining the cabinets. This affords you the opportunity to update your kitchen color to something more trendy or updated. Cabinet refacing is cheaper than buying all new cabinets and involves the replacement of the door and drawer fronts. This is usually done with your existing countertops in place if they are in good shape.

Another cabinet refacing option for custom cabinets includes refacing with veneer. This is an option for when your kitchen cabinets are made of a wood, like plywood, that does not respond to refinishing with stain or paint.

Another option is entirely removing and replacing all or some of the cabinet doors. This is a more affordable option than replacing all the cabinetry and will still offer the kitchen a whole new custom look.

For more information, contact Kenneth C. Lewis Cabinetry.

Trendy Kitchen Ideas With Staying Power – Boston, Providence

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Nearly half of new homeowners who undertake a home improvement project within three months of buying a new home start in the kitchen. So what’s trendy, but also has some staying power?

Here’s what’s hot:

Eco-friendly features. Nearly half of those surveyed said using eco-friendly appliances and materials in their kitchens is important. Eco-friendly can be done in the remodeling process too, by refacing kitchen cabinets rather than ripping out and buying new. Additionally, green paints can be used in kitchen cabinet refacing.

While a variety of Energy Star-recommended appliances and green-certified building products are on the market, eco-friendly changes also can be as simple as using cloth rather than paper towels, replacing plastic containers with glass, or using non-toxic cleaners.

Granite and quartz countertops. 94% of respondents said they’re changing their countertops. Granite countertops still top the list at 50%, but quartz is next. Marble only drew 10%.

Quartz countertops are resistant to stains and scratches and are easy to take care of, kitchen designers say.

Tile backsplashes. Tile was the top choice for backsplash accents. Half of respondents preferred it, with marble, stone slab and other materials trailing far behind. A lot of people are using the backsplash as sort of the jewelry of the kitchen. That’s where they’ll put that splash of color, because it won’t be overwhelming.

Floors. Hardwood floors led the list of choices, but here’s another area where tiles made a strong showing, coming in second.

Stainless steel. A majority of respondents favor stainless steel appliances. Some homeowners are combining appliance finishes or integrating stainless steel into cabinetry, this can be done with cabinet refacing.

Chef’s stoves. A professional-grade range — a stove with options such as a flat griddle or a cooktop to accommodate a searing pan or a wok — topped kitchen wish lists as a dream appliance.

Kitchen Islands. They’re popular but not a must. 61% said they’re incorporating an island. A kitchen has to be large enough for an island.

Transitional style.  This look,  traditional and contemporary, has grown in popularity.

White cabinets. Whites and off whites are the top choice for color schemes, at 73%. The popularity of white cabinetry jumped this year. Refinished cabinets can be done in white stains or paints.

Gray color schemes. Grays are coming on strong. Gray is really hot. It has been for the past couple of years and it’s still trending that way.

The takeaway from all this?

People really want easy, clean, unfussy kitchens. And remember, don’t get carried away. For more information on kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Santa Fe New Mexican

Kitchen Makeover for the Holidays – Newton, Brookline, Cambridge

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Are you hosting the holiday party this year? Are you tired of your kitchen and wish you had the time for a remodel? You do. You can get a whole new kitchen in time for the holidays when you reface your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them.

To save money and remodel the kitchen by the holidays refacing kitchen cabinets is the right choice. It is much faster, less stressful, and takes only a few days, and the results will make your home look new and in style again. If you cabinets are still in good condition but they look old and out of date, cabinet refacing is the solution that will last for years.

Kitchen cabinet refacing can be a terrific option to consider if you want to give your kitchen a whole new look for the holidays, without breaking your budget. Cabinet refacing includes replacing the old doors and drawer fronts with new custom-made doors and drawer fronts. You can choose any style cabinet doors and any stain or paint. Cabinet refacing will add a new, fun, fresh look to your kitchen and all of your holiday guests will think you’ve done a complete kitchen remodel.

If you want a new kitchen, is the cabinets that are the real problem? If so, consider this option. Refacing cabinets will make your home more inviting and attractive to you and your holiday party guests. The cost of kitchen cabinet refacing is far less than the cost of completely gutting your kitchen, and the job is done much faster. For more information, contact Kenneth C. Lewis Cabinetry.

Time to Begin the Kitchen Remodeling Project – Boston, Providence

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Most homebuyers right now are buying homes that need some remodeling. Single home inventory is low, which means compromises have to be made. Most homeowners have grand plans for how they hope their houses will eventually look. Of course, this usually involves some sort of remodel. The room of choice this fall is…the kitchen.

But just because the plans have been made and the estimates have been calculated, things may not be in the works just yet.

According to Houzz, of the more than 7,000 homeowners who shared kitchen remodel plans, 68% of them haven’t begun their kitchen remodeling project.

Although the reasons homeowners want a kitchen remodel vary, all reasons gravitate toward one bottom line: People are creating kitchens to please themselves, making them beautiful and functional. Seventy-nine percent said they hoped to improve their kitchen’s look and feel.

What’s a remodeled kitchen without new appliances? And  most homeowners desire the same high-end toys. A chef’s stove tops the list, with double ovens coming in second. Other coveted appliances include wine fridges, dishwasher drawers, warming drawers and pot fillers. There is a way to have great appliances in your remodeling budget without breaking the bank. Refacing kitchen cabinets entirely changes the look and feel of your kitchen while leaving money in the budget for those high-end appliances you have been dying for.

More than half of homeowners haven’t gotten started on their kitchen remodeling project yet because too many think they have to start from scratch. Starting from scratch versus working with the existing elements, including your existing cabinetry, causes delays. Cabinet refacing gets the job done faster for less, with the same effect.

Another surprising statistic in the Houzz study is that bigger is not always better when it comes to kitchens. So keep the layout, re-use kitchen cabinets and begin your kitchen remodeling project by refacing cabinets. Contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

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Faster and Less Stressful Kitchen Remodeling – Westwood, North Attleboro, Foxboro

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 03, 2013

If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets look dated and new cabinetry isn’t in the budget, don’t worry. Not every kitchen remodeling project calls for all new kitchen cabinets. In fact, if you’re pleased with the general layout of your kitchen and all you need is an update, you can save a lot of money by either refinishing or refacing cabinets.

According to HGTV.com, new cabinets can take up nearly 50% of a homeowner’s total budget for a kitchen renovation. If your kitchen does not need to be totally renovated in order to be functional, why spend the money on new cabinets?  Before you decide on a major overhaul, check out other options to see what will work best for your kitchen and your budget. Those options include cabinet refacing or cabinet refinishing.

Kitchen renovations can be a stressful and time consuming endeavor. It also takes quite a commitment, not only financially, but also mentally. The kitchen is not just the heart of  your home, it is absolutely necessary no matter how much or how little you cook. Can you go without a stove, sink, dishwasher, place for your coffee pot for months?

When refacing cabinets the time spent in your kitchen is no more than 4 days. If you have a family, you know that four days can pass very easily and quickly and in no time, you will be in your kitchen that has a whole new look and feel.

We can recondition, reface or replace any woodwork in your kitchen. A few simple changes can make your kitchen look like new! With a wide range of finishes your kitchen will be more stylish and functional. Contact Cabinetry by Kenneth C. Lewis.


Kitchen Renovation Q&A

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Have you put off that kitchen renovation project long enough? Here are some questions and answers concerning a budget wise kitchen remodel.

Q: What are some ways to improve a kitchen, without a huge remodel?

A: Your kitchen is still functional, just unattractive or out-of-date. Everything still works, but is ugly and old. To brighten up a kitchen, paint it and change the light fixtures. Or consider under cabinet lighting and a backsplash. Refinishing or refacing cabinets is another economical idea that rejuvenates the kitchen and takes much less time and money than replacing the cabinets.

Q: Is it possible to replace the kitchen cabinets without replacing the countertop?

A: Refacing cabinets doesn’t result in big changes to size or layout. If you like your countertop, refacing the cabinets may be the way to go. You will get new doors and drawers installed and a matching veneer on the exposed sides of cabinets.

Q: Do you have tips to make a kitchen eco-friendly without denting the budget too badly?

A: Eco-friendly kitchen remodeling does not have to be more expensive. In fact, reusing the same cabinets is a greener alternative than replacing them, and it is far less expensive. When refinishing cabinets, using a green certified paint or stain is also an alternative. With countertops – granite is a stone, which is a green material.

For information on a green, economical and timely kitchen remodel, contact Cabinets by Kenneth C. Lewis.


Kitchen Facelift Instead of a Kitchen Remodel

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Many homeowners, thinking they need a kitchen remodel, only need a kitchen facelift. The kitchen is the heart of the house, for that, it needs soul.

But sometimes, a remodel is just too expensive. A kitchen facelift can be done, a minor kitchen remodeling project, which injects the kitchen with life and soul.

A kitchen face-lift typically involves refreshing a lot of the old and injecting some of the new.

Kitchen face-lifts are all about making the most of what you have, maybe keep the flooring and the cabinetry. Add new backsplash, as well as countertops.

When you have kitchen cabinets that are sturdy and in good shape, cabinet refacing or cabinet refinishing, or a combination of both, is a great, inexpensive option.

Add new appliances if necessary, maybe an island if you have space and Viola! A new kitchen. Contact Kitchen Cabinetry.

Home Improvements ROI

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If you’re planning on a few home improvements, it's best to know which of them are likely to pay off if you sell your home and which won’t. ROI, or return on investment, should play a part in your plan. Basically, it is how much money you could recoup when you sell. Will that minor bathroom remodeling job be a good investment or not? Should you spend the extra money to fix up the kitchen?

More often than not, sellers can get back a substantial percentage of their outlay for a variety of well-executed improvements if they keep the market in mind.

According to the Cost vs. Value Report a "minor" kitchen remodel (in home improvement speak that's about $20K) is usually a good investment. The national average for cost returned is about 83%.

Keep in mind that spending more doesn't necessarily mean you'll get back a higher percentage later. In the last year, an upscale kitchen makeover, which might involve installing custom cherry cabinets and other luxurious amenities, the average recouped value is lower (about 78%) than for a minor kitchen remodeling project (83%) that is much less extensive or expensive.

This is why you should consider spending less and getting a larger return on that investment. If you have nice solid, but perhaps run down kitchen cabinets, consider kitchen cabinet refacing or refinishing. Contact us.

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