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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is Easier for Everyone – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New homeowners, existing homeowners, and retirees are among those performing facelifts on their kitchens. With single home inventory very low, new homeowners are buying homes that need a kitchen remodel. Many existing homeowners are opting to ‘fix-up’ rather than sell. And recent retirees who are spending more times in their homes are deciding to remodel.

Regardless of why you want to remodel your kitchen, you don’t necessarily have to spend all your money and too many months to do it. Kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing are a faster, easier, but just as effective solution that costs far less and takes only a few days.

If you have solidly constructed kitchen cabinets that are just showing wear and tear, or need a facelift to bring them into the 21st century, this is a great option. You don’t necessarily need new cabinets to get a fresh new look in your kitchen.

If you have just weathered the stress of buying and moving into a new home, don’t start a kitchen remodeling project that will take months. If you have just retired, it is time to enjoy your home, not stress in it. Kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing is the way to upgrade your kitchen without tearing out and replacing the cabinets.

Losing the ability to use your kitchen is stressful and inconvenient.  At Cabinetry by Kenneth C. Lewis, we regularly save our customers over half the cost of new replacement cabinetry, and we are only in your kitchen for 3-4 days!  Cabinet refacing causes the least disruption to your life in the kitchen.  With cabinet refacing by Kenneth C Lewis your satisfaction is more important than anything else. Contact us.

Minor Kitchen Remodeling Returns 78% on Resale - Boston

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 10, 2013

Homeowners renovate for two basic reasons: to improve their home's resale value or their enjoyment of their house. The best home improvements, however, are ones that deliver on both objectives.

If you'll be among the many homeowners opting to improve, rather than move, you may be wondering what renovations are likely to give you the best balance of enhanced resale value and immediate enjoyment.


It makes sense that the room where most families spend the bulk of their time would be a popular remodel - and one that pays off big in terms of value and comfort. Even a minor kitchen remodel - costing about $21,000 - will return about 78% of its value on resale, according to Remodeling Magazine. How do you do a minor kitchen remodel? Refacing kitchen cabinets is the right place to start. Instead of replacing the kitchen cabinets, which costs tens of thousands of dollars, cabinet refacing uses the existing cabinets and involves the replacement of the door and drawer fronts plus installing a veneer of new wood over the existing cabinets. This is usually done with your existing countertops in place if they are in good shape.


Whether you're tackling a major job that involves knocking out walls and changing fixtures, or just making cosmetic improvements like upgrading faucets, refacing vanities and cabinets and repainting, remodeling a bathroom goes straight to the heart of our craving for comfort. Americans view their baths as far more than a place to get clean and take care of other necessities. Even if you're not creating a home spa, improving the bathroom is sure to boost your home's resale value and increase your satisfaction with the room. Remodeling Magazine says the average bathroom remodel costs around $16,100 and returns up to 71% of that cost at the time of sale.

For more information on cabinet refacing and minor kitchen remodeling, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Excerpts – North Jersey

Kitchen Remodeling for Less with Cabinet Refacing - Boston

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 17, 2013

The kitchen is the gathering spot where family and friends gather. You want it to look its best. Your cabinets may be out-of-date, or looking tired. A kitchen make-over would be wonderful, but do you want to spend the money, take the time, and add the stress and inconvenience to your life? The cost of kitchen cabinet refacing is considerably less than the cost of completely gutting your kitchen and it gets completed in a much shorter amount of time.

You can achieve a whole new look in your kitchen for far less money, in just a couple days, with no stress. You can do by having your kitchen cabinets refaced. This is a very cost effective and fast way to address ugly, tired cabinets.

With cabinet refacing you will get a kitchen makeover that will add the brightness and welcoming feel you want in your kitchen. You will be able to choose the look that you want, your existing cabinets will be completely different. The cabinet doors are easily replaced along with new drawer knobs and pulls. Without a full kitchen remodel, you can change and improve the look of your kitchen dramatically.

With kitchen cabinet refacing you don’t have to worry about what you spend because it is so much less than kitchen remodeling and cabinet refacing adds value to your home with a large return on investment.

For more information on kitchen cabinet refacing in Boston, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Kitchen Remodeling the Green Way

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Home remodeling projects are on the rise as homeowners choose to stay in their homes. But as those homeowners choose to begin remodeling projects, they are also making the choice to do ‘green’ remodeling.

A minor kitchen remodel can improve the look and utility of your kitchen without costing a bundle. It can also yield a 75% return. Replace cabinet fronts, countertops and flooring. Installing low-flow faucets and energy-efficient appliances can reduce water and energy expenses as well.

Did you know that refacing kitchen cabinets rather than replacing your kitchen cabinets is not only faster and more affordable than a replacing them, it is also much better on our environment? You can use your existing cabinets when you remodel your kitchen. By refacing existing cabinets, you’re saving trees and production energy as well as reducing waste and putting less into our landfills.

You can “recycle” your kitchen cabinets, in a way, but without sacrificing style, quality or appearance, by refacing cabinets instead. Typically cabinet refacing takes about 2-5 days.

Green remodeling also includes using renewable resources in counter tops and in using green paints, those that do not emit VOC’s and that are made with green ingredients.

For more information on refacing kitchen cabinets in Boston, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Kitchen Remodeling with Soul - Boston and RI

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Kenneth C. Lewis Cabinetry has seen smarter kitchen remodeling projects reign over the last few years. As wallets have tightened and people have become more conscious of how they spend money, add to this the attempt to live more green. We have seen more and more homeowners opt for kitchen cabinet refacing rather than replacing. This is a smarter, less expensive, faster and greener option all around.

But then we found this article, and it confirmed what we already knew, so we thought we would share some excerpts from it so you don’t have to just take our word for it.

The reign of the trophy kitchen is officially over. The dream kitchens of today aren't about the sexiest six-burner range or the most exotic countertop material. As cooking has returned to center stage and remodeling budgets have sobered, the kitchen island is nurturing family togetherness and reviving casual entertaining.

In kitchens with a small footprint, glass tiles, quartz counters and dish drawers are adding sparkle and practicality. The kitchen of 2013 has soul. People are spending all their time in the kitchen, and they want it warm and inviting, as well as low-maintenance, not industrial feeling.

Clients are choosing more modern touches such as white or gray cabinets when refacing cabinets and gray walls and neutral quartz counters, individualized with different textures and touches of color.

The kitchen is still the most obsessed-about room in the house, but homeowners want more than just trends. Lately it's been less the kind of over-the-top approach and a bit more practical with a simplified aesthetic. People have a wide portfolio of things they want, and not just what their neighbor has.

The 2013 survey by the National Kitchen & Bath Association identified some of today's top style choices in kitchens.
1. White Painted Cabinets
The cabinets are arguably the most important decision when redoing a kitchen. The kitchen cabinets set the look. In the National Kitchen & Bath Association survey, 67% of respondents said that white was their first choice for cabinetry, a jump of 20% in the past two years.
2. Quarts Countertops
Consumers are demanding products that are easy to care for, including quartz countertops which require no special maintenance.

3. Add Shades of Gray
Gray seems to be the color of the moment. Although white and off-white are still the top colors, grays are showing up on cabinets, counters and walls. Gray is another neutral that can be paired with many accent colors and looks chic and modern, whether a driftwood gray wood finish or glossy gray coating.

4. LED Lighting
More and more remodeled kitchens now have LED lighting, especially below cabinets. LED bulbs are more efficient and generate little heat.

For more information on kitchen cabinet refacing in Boston and RI, feel free to contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Excerpts - Daily Herald

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