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Kitchen Remodeling the Green Way

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Home remodeling projects are on the rise as homeowners choose to stay in their homes. But as those homeowners choose to begin remodeling projects, they are also making the choice to do ‘green’ remodeling.

A minor kitchen remodel can improve the look and utility of your kitchen without costing a bundle. It can also yield a 75% return. Replace cabinet fronts, countertops and flooring. Installing low-flow faucets and energy-efficient appliances can reduce water and energy expenses as well.

Did you know that refacing kitchen cabinets rather than replacing your kitchen cabinets is not only faster and more affordable than a replacing them, it is also much better on our environment? You can use your existing cabinets when you remodel your kitchen. By refacing existing cabinets, you’re saving trees and production energy as well as reducing waste and putting less into our landfills.

You can “recycle” your kitchen cabinets, in a way, but without sacrificing style, quality or appearance, by refacing cabinets instead. Typically cabinet refacing takes about 2-5 days.

Green remodeling also includes using renewable resources in counter tops and in using green paints, those that do not emit VOC’s and that are made with green ingredients.

For more information on refacing kitchen cabinets in Boston, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling - Boston

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 19, 2013

Are you considering remodeling your kitchen the eco-friendly way? Going green is the perfect way to create a healthier, eco-friendly gathering space for your family.

After your remodeling project is done, your kitchen will be energy efficient and it can increase the resale value of your home.

Incorporate some of these tips for an Earth-friendly remodeling project:

  • Make purchases that will last for years to come. Don’t be fooled by cheap, poor quality items. You’ll have to replace them often, which is definitely not green and ends up costing you more money in the long run.
  • Your old kitchen can actually be recycled. Your existing kitchen cabinets may be unattractive and out-of-date, but you can use your existing cabinets in your new kitchen! Reface cabinets or refinish cabinets to give them a whole new look. This is the greener option. No trash going to the landfill, no waste from demolition or installation, and of course, no energy used in transporting the new cabinets to your home. Using green paint or finish add to the eco-friendly décor.
  • Opt for sustainable flooring and countertops. Materials, such as wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, recycled glass and paper, cork, granite and quartz are among the many eco-friendly options.
  • Energy Star appliances are the most efficient in their product categories. An Energy Star-rated dishwasher and refrigerator will consume less energy and help you save on utility costs.
  • Paint is the simplest, most cost-effective way to transform a room. Most paint lines carry eco-friendly paint with low or zero VOCs.
  • Update a piece of furniture that you already own with a coat of zero VOC paint or wood stain.

A green kitchen remodeling project can suit your lifestyle and taste. With so many green choices, you can protect the environment and still create a sophisticated kitchen.

For more information on refacing or refinishing kitchen cabinets in Boston, contact Cabinetry by Kenneth C. Lewis.

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