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Caring for Heirloom and Antique Furniture With Items From the Kitchen Pantry

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today, antique furniture makes for beautiful art. But antiques are also beautiful and very popular as home furnishings and décor. Many families have antique pieces that have been passed down as heirlooms. If you have a piece of genuine antique furniture or a family heirloom in your home, here are some interesting and successful ways to clean, care for, and preserve your prized possessions.

Dust your antique furniture along the wood grain with a very soft cloth. If the furniture surface is dirty, a mild soap and water solution is perfect for cleaning. After the furniture has dried, dab some solvent-based cleaning wax in a cloth and clean your antique furniture with it. Follow this step by wiping it with a dry cloth later.

Have you wondered what you can do with spoiled milk? Milk, even if it is spoiled, can be used to remove dirt from wooden furniture. Just dip a cloth in the milk, and then wipe the surface of furniture. Finally, clean again with water.

Wrap a bundle of moist tea leaves in a soft cloth to wipe down the furniture, or you can use plain, cooled tea. This makes furniture more smooth and bright.

If you have an old wood desk or table that has ink stains, you can clean it off with white vinegar. Use a soft cloth with a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar and rub it on the furniture surface. This is particularly good on mahogany and solid wood furniture.

Clean rough and uneven surfaces or carvings with a brush or a vacuum.  Lemon oil helps to preserve antique pieces, but it is not suitable to clean furniture, as it will dry and darken the wood.

Kenneth C Lewis specializes in furniture and wood repair for antiques. Whether it is enhancement, refinishing or restoration,  we offer dramatic results, performing most repairs utilizing advanced products and processes.

Furniture Refinishing and Repairing Will Restore Your Family Heirlooms

Joseph Coupal - Monday, May 02, 2011

We all have that family heirloom, or antique table that needs to be enhanced, refinished or repaired. A beautiful dresser that needs the laminate replaced or a gorgeous end table with a damaged pedestal leg; but who can you trust to care for and restore your prized furniture? These pieces of furniture are special to you because they are either sentimental, sturdy, or in some way irreplaceable. They need to be returned to you in as new condition, with no sign of where the repair was made.

Our furniture repair and restoration services have established a reputation amongst our customers for excellence that is unmatched in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas. We specialize in furniture and wood repair and furniture structural repair, precision repair of wood and laminate surfaces, refinishing and polishing, and color matching for antiques, specialty items, offices, libraries and entertainment centers.

The craftsmen at Kenneth C. Lewis can restore and enhance wood’s natural beauty and strength virtually erasing scuffs, gouges, water rings, and dents. Trust Cabinet Refinishing by Kenneth C Lewis to care for your family’s heirlooms, your costly office furnishings, or the furniture you love.  Our expertise is unsurpassed and our workmanship is guaranteed.  Contact us today.

Restoring Furniture Pieces To Bring In New Life

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Instead of tossing out old and worn furniture, restore it to bring new life, and cut down on waste and further resource use. In this time of budget-conscious and green living, people are curious about having their existing furniture restored, instead of replaced.  But, does restoring always make sense?

If your furniture piece is of high quality, it is almost always worth restoring. The quality of a piece is only as good as the foundation it rests on. Quality frames are constructed of solid hardwood which are assembled with corner blocks, dowels, glue and screws and have heavy gauge coil or zigzag springs. If your furniture piece has sentimental value, or is a precious antique, it is always worth restoring the piece.  These types of pieces cannot be replaced, so the costs are easily outweighed by the sentiment and memories attached to the piece.

If your existing furniture fits just perfectly in your space, it makes sense to simply restore the piece, rather than try to find something new.  If you have been furniture shopping recently, you have noticed that furniture has gotten really large overall.  Overstuffed sofas, chairs-and-a-half and ottomans are all huge, and often not scaled to most family homes.  If you have a small-scale sofa that fits perfectly under your living room window, you may not be able to replace it easily with a new sofa that fits as well.  So, even pieces of less quality may be worth restoring, rather than going crazy trying to find an equally perfect piece for your room! Contact us today should you need any furniture restoration or even refinishing! Don't forget we do cabinets and countertops as well.

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