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Cabinet Door Replacement to Completely Change The Look of the Kitchen with Minimal Time and Money – Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The cabinet doors are the most prone to wear and tear. Because of the constant and regular use they are exposed to dirt and grease that is often transferred from hands. This is why, if the cabinet boxes themselves are in good shape, replacing the cabinet doors may be required over time. This is a much more practical option over full cabinet replacement considering that the existing cabinets may be in great condition and custom designed.

Cabinet door replacement in Cambridge, MA allows homeowners to completely change the look and feel of the kitchen in minimal time and with a much smaller budget. Rather than replacing the entire set of cabinets, which is more timely and costly, homeowners can simply hire a cabinet remodeling contractor to replace cabinet doors in a matter of days and with limited fuss.

With cabinet door replacement, homeowners do not need to spend a fortune to give the kitchen an instant makeover. This home improvement project is also a cost-effective solution which adds real value and aesthetic appeal to the kitchen.

To find out more about cabinet door replacement, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Furniture Refinishing is Ideal Over Buying New – Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 12, 2016

Instead of buying new wooden furniture to give your living space an instant makeover, why not consider furniture refinishing in Cambridge, MA. Making the most of your furniture is ideal over purchasing brand new pieces.

You may have some furniture at home that has been in your space for a while; it may be aged and worn. You may have a favorite wooden piece that has lost its luster but you are not ready to replace it. Well, you do not need to replace them. Instead, hire a furniture restoration specialist to take care of your furniture and make it look new. There is quite a cost savings as well.

Furniture refinishing should only be done by an expert. One reason is because the finish dries quickly and one bad stroke can ruin everything. When a furniture restoration specialist works with your wooden pieces, you can be confident that the surface will get back it's shine with the finish of your choice. The finish will set and dry perfectly, without bubbles.

To find out more about your options for furniture refinishing, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

It Better to Hire A Contractor for Cabinet Door Replacement – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 05, 2016

When considering cabinet door replacement in Boston, MA, you can order the doors yourself and hire a contractor to install them for you. Contractors can also help you determine the right type and style of replacements when is difficult for you to decide on what doors to use. Buying doors and then having them replaced is not always the easiest or best route.

There are other things to consider when replacing the cabinet doors, especially if you decide to purchase the replacements individually and hire a contractor to install them. One decision is to choose between a finished or unfinished cabinet door replacement. Choosing the a finished door may save you money because the contractor will only need to install the doors. However, it may take some effort to find a color or wood match for the existing cabinetry in the kitchen. On the other hand, unfinished cabinet doors will allow you to have the replacement doors stained or painted with the color of your choice.

To alleviate all of these decisions during cabinet door replacement, it is easiest to hire a contractor from the start to ensure that the finished result is exactly what you desire. Having a kitchen contractor do both the finish and the replacement is less of a hassle because they only need your specific requirements, they'll take care of the rest.

To find out more about the benefits of hiring a kitchen contractor for cabinet door replacement, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Cabinet Refinishing Beautifies Kitchen Space without Breaking The Bank – Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 28, 2016

Refinishing the kitchen cabinets is a great bet for breathing in new life into an older kitchen while saving time and money. If the existing cabinets are still sturdy and functional just outdated or dull, there is no need to spend money to replace them; simply hire an expert in cabinet refinishing in Cambridge, MA to achieve the results you desire.

Cabinet refinshing is a great way to customize the look of your kitchen and update the style without break the bank. Refinishing the cabinets can change the overall aesthetic appeal of any kitchen. Colors, finishes, styles, knobs and drawer pulls can be handpicked and customized. Your kitchen cabinets will be refinished using the color of your choice making them look as if they were brand new.

With the proper amount of care and maintenance cabinet refinishing can last for decades. To find out more about cabinet refinishing, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Countertop Replacement – Always Consult an Expert to Get The Best Material for Your Kitchen – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 25, 2016

Your countertops can be polished to eliminate scratches on the surface and then patched, painted, and tiled over for an instant makeover. However, if imperfections are considered beyond repair, you might want to consider replacing the kitchen countertop with the help of an expert.

There are a wide variety of materials available for kitchen countertop replacement. Choose a new countertop material based on your kitchen activities, use and habits. With exposure to heat, knives, water, and more, it is not enough to choose a replacement simply based on aesthetics Rather, choose the material that will best fit your daily activities in the kitchen while being aesthetically pleasing as well.

When planning for countertop replacement in Boston, MA, first discover the pros and cons of each countertop material. This is why it is wise to consult an expert on countertops so that you will be able to make the right choice for your kitchen. The available options can be confusing and you don't want a countertop material that will not be able to fully cater to your specific requirements.

To find out more about your options on kitchen countertop replacement, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Furniture Refinishing Breathes New Life into Your Favorite Wooden Pieces that have Lost Their Luster – Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 15, 2016

Most old wood furniture can look beautiful again when restored to its original pristine condition. One way to do this is through furniture refinishing in Cambridge, MA. This alternative involves a process by which you are able to breathe new life in your favorite wooden pieces by hiring a professional to apply the new finish of your choice.

There are many benefits to furniture refinishing beyond alleviating the need to buy new furniture to accentuate your home. The number one benefit is cost-savings. Instead of buying new furniture which can be costly and time-consuming, especially if you want to maintain the interior design of your home, you can simply choose the easier route of choosing the perfect finish for your existing piece which can blend with your interior.

Hiring a furniture refinishing specialist achieves the best results. The finish you choose is applied professionally to the surface of your furniture which may have lost its luster over time. Each wooden piece of furniture will be cleaned first to prevent bubbles and varying shades when the finish is applied. You ware guaranteed a smooth and shiny surface when dry.

To find out more about your options for furniture refinishing, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Cabinet Door Replacement Helps Upgrade The Aesthetic Appeal of Your Kitchen Space without Going Over Budget – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 07, 2016

Cabinet door replacement can help you improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen space. Deciding to replace the cabinet doors is in fact an ideal strategy for your situation if you would prefer to use your kitchen faster rather than being without it for a long time as would happen with cabinet replacement. Cabinet door replacement is a less costly and more convenient home improvement project that revamps the look of your kitchen.

Replacing the cabinet doors is without a doubt a cost-effective alternative to getting an upgraded kitchen without breaking the bank. This is because instead of spending the money and time on a new set of cabinets, this home improvement alternative only requires new doors for your existing kitchen cabinets.

While cabinet door replacement in Boston, MA sounds simple because it does not require tearing out the entire old cabinets, it still needs to be accomplished by professionals. This ensures that your existing cabinet doors will be unhinged without leaving traces on the remaining boxes and that it will be finished as soon as possible with a beautiful output.

To find out more about replacing kitchen cabinet doors, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Cabinet Refinishing is a Better Alternative to Cabinet Replacement for Many Reasons– Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Cabinet refinishing in Cambridge, MA costs less than buying cabinet replacements, not to mention the time and effort spent in looking for the new set of cabinets to match your kitchen space. In cabinet refinishing, the decision-making will just be in regards to the color to be used.

There is a wide array of choices of stain or paint. Once you have picked your colors, refinishing the kitchen cabinets will be completed within 3 days or less. This only means that the wait time for the completion for this home improvement project is significantly reduced so you can use your kitchen much sooner than with cabinet replacement.

Cabinet refinishing is a great alternative to purchasing new cabinets for many different reasons. In addition to the fact that new cabinets cost significantly more than refinishing, the demolition and replacement of the cabinets can take weeks to months. With cabinet replacement there is also no need to replace countertops as well, unless you choose to. This cuts down on the budget as well.

To find out more about your options for refinishing the kitchen cabinets, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Countertop Replacement for The Look You Love without Breaking The Bank – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 29, 2016

When your countertops are no longer aesthetically pleasing, are harder to maintain, or have been damaged beyond repair, kitchen countertop replacement is your best bet.

Replacing the kitchen countertop is a tough job that should be done by a professional. With the help of a professional, you can get the look you love as well as the material that works best in your kitchen space, lifestyle, and bank account.

Countertop replacement in Boston, MA is a great way to upgrade your kitchen space and there are a wide array of materials to choose from that can add spice to your kitchen. However, this is not the only benefit you will get from this home improvement project. Countertop replacement lets you maximize the use of your kitchen. For instance, if you have countertops with deep cracks or pitted areas, it can be difficult to work with and ugly to look at. Also, counters are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which can cause of illness or food contamination. It is very important to replace cracked, broken or damaged kitchen countertops.

To find out more about your options on replacing the kitchen countertop, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Refinishing Antique Wood Furniture Cabinets – Keep Your Home Aesthetically Pleasing with Just A One-Time Finish – Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, March 21, 2016
Furniture Refinishing

Refinishing antique wood furniture cabinets, tables and chairs is a meticulous job. But, when done right, this alternative to buying new can save time and money over purchasing completely new furniture.

Owning modern, classy, and elegant furniture such as antique cabinets is everybody’s dream. The style and design of each wooden piece you own has been chosen by you because you want to enjoy the decor and interior design of your home. However, at some point wooden furniture used at home will get scratched and dinged. You may not always have the money for a replacement, or you just may not want a replacement. Instead of buying new furniture, a practical option is to restore the look of your favorite antiques with the help of a furniture restoration specialist.

Furniture refinishing in Cambridge, MA is a process during which wooden furniture is cleaned of any dirt and then refinished in order to preserve its original condition. You will not need to purchase new furniture to enhance the aesthetic value of your home. You can still use your antique wood furniture cabinets.

To find out more about your options on refinishing antique wood furniture cabinets, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

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