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The Overlooked Benefits of Cambria Quartz Countertop Replacement – Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 13, 2017
Kenneth C. LewisCorian and Granite  Kitchen Countertops  in Cambridge, MA

Replacing the kitchen countertop with Cambria Quartz material has many different benefits that are sometimes overlooked. There many reasons for choosing this option over other materials. Mainly, it is affordable, durable, and beautiful.

When it comes to beauty, nothing can compare to Cambria Quartz. That is why it is one of the most common choices of material for countertop replacement in Cambridge, MA. This material has more than 140 designs that allow homeowners to choose from for their requirements and personal preferences. But Cambria Quartz is not only just about giving your kitchen a pretty face; it has uncompromising quality and unbeatable performance which makes it the perfect choice for your life.

Homeowners can stay in budget when getting a kitchen countertop replacement and Cambria Quartz is less likely to scratch, chip, or stain. This means homeowners will not need to have another replacement for the life of their home. Its flawlessness can be enjoyed for years without very much maintenance all all. Just keep it clean with a little warm water and mild soap. Cambria Quatz is non-porous and non-absorbent so it will not draw in moisture or allow harmful bacteria to thrive.

To find out more about replacing the kitchen countertop, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Homeowners Enjoy Cost Savings through Cabinet Door Replacement - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 06, 2017
Kenneth C. Lewis Cabinet door replacement in Boston, MA

Cabinet door replacement in Boston, MA includes replacing the drawer fronts and knobs. Instead of breaking down all the cabinets and installing new, homeowners can now choose to reface their existing cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

The option of replacing the cabinet doors is a huge cost savings to homeowners. This is why this option is often chosen for an instant kitchen makeover without breaking the bank. The cost savings and other benefits makes it highly remarkable and popular.

In most cases, the existing cabinets in your own home only look drab and dull but do not need to be replaced necessarily. Most likely they are still in good condition and only need a face-lift. If you are happy with the current design of your cabinets but only want to breathe new life into your kitchen with minimum work and budget, cabinet door replacement offers the perfect solution. No need to waste money ripping out cabinets and installing new ones in the same layout only to realize that only the cabinet doors and knobs needed to be replaced.

To find out more about your options for replacing the cabinet doors, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Cabinet Refinishing Provides Results that Look Just as Good as Brand New Cabinets – Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 30, 2017
Kenneth C. Lewis -Cabinet refinishing in Cambridge, MA

One of the most popular home improvement options is cabinet refinishing. There is high demand for this service because it offers numerous benefits over full cabinet replacement. This is true especially for homeowners who want to save on expenses when giving their kitchen, an instant makeover.

Refinishing the kitchen cabinets is a lot less expensive than replacing them, which requires several steps. The old cabinets must be removed, which can often involve some demolition; new cabinets must be chosen and built, which is often a long and arduous process; the new cabinets will then be installed. This process is a time consuming and costly activity. Cabinet refinishing takes merely a few days.

One of the advantages of cabinet refinishing in Cambridge, MA is that it does not involve extensive carpentry. By refinishing the exterior doors and in some cases the cabinet boxes using the finish of your choice, you will have brand-new looking cabinets that look just as good as entirely new cabinets.

To find out more about cost-effective and efficient improvements for your kitchen, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Countertop Replacement Lets You Choose Material that Better Suits Your Kitchen – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 23, 2017
Kenneth C. Lewis - Countertop replacement in Boston, MA

There are many benefits for updating the look of your kitchen with countertop replacement in Boston, MA. This home improvement project is a more cost-effective alternative which increases the value of your home and enhances it's beauty by upgrading the kitchen.

If you are thinking of a kitchen makeover, you might want to consider replacing the kitchen countertop. This can prove beneficial to your daily kitchen activities and to the atmosphere in your home. High quality countertops are an ideal option for homeowners who want to invest in their property. Common options for countertop materials, such as granite, is a great way to increase the resale value of your home should you decide to sell.

When you choose to invest in kitchen countertop replacement, you can choose a material that will provide timeless beauty. For instance, installing soapstone countertops can provide the space with classic elegance. Opting for quartz can be beneficial if your kitchen has a modern style. Replacing your old countertops also gives you the chance to choose replacement material that performs better than your existing countertops. You can choose a countertop that is easier to clean which is scratch-resistant equipping your kitchen with a countertop that is better suited to your needs and daily routine.

To find out more about your options on countertop replacement, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Cabinet Door Replacement Beautifies Your Kitchen while Sticking to the Budget – Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 16, 2017
Kenneth C. Lewis - Old World Cabinet Door Finish

The housing market today is tight. Selling a home can be easy, but buying another is challenging because of the historic low inventory. With such a competitive buyers market, one option is to make your home more appealing to buyers. To do this it needs to stand out without compromising your budget. The good news is you can do that without spending much time and money. Replacing the cabinet doors can instantly beautify and modernize your kitchen so that your entire home becomes more sale-able.

Cabinet door replacement in Cambridge, MA is a common option among homeowners who want to increase the overall value and aesthetic appeal of their home. It is also a great option for those who want to stay in their home rather than traverse this buyers market. Instead of replacing the kitchen cabinets, which is a timely and expensive project, replacing only the cabinet doors can be done in days instead of weeks or months.

Cabinet door replacement performed by a professional ensures that the job is done right the first time. Getting help from the pros will give you an advantage and you will be provided with more options for cabinet door replacement.

To find out more about your options for replacing kitchen cabinet doors, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing for Homeowners who have Limited Money and Time to Spare – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 09, 2017
Kenneth C. Lewis - Cabinet refinishing in Boston, MA

Creating the kitchen of your dreams does not have to cost you a fortune. There are ways to improve this room and one of these ways is cabinet refinishing which is affordable on any homeowner’s budget and which offers numerous advantages.

Refinishing the kitchen cabinets will save you money but also time. Replacing your kitchen cabinets can cost upwards of $25,000 while the average cost of refinishing is less than $2,000. You will be able to breathe new life into your kitchen with a fraction of the price you would pay for purchasing a new set of cabinets. Additionally, looking for cabinets that will fit in your existing kitchen without remodeling can be a tough job. Another benefit of cabinet refinishing is that the entire process is done in your kitchen in just a few days. Nothing needs to be shipped or sent back.

Cabinet refinishing in Boston, MA offers an instantaneous transformation. This is why this is a more popular choice for homeowners who want a kitchen makeover but have limited budget.

To find out more, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Granite Countertop Replacement means Beauty, Durability, and Sanitation All in One – Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 02, 2017
Kenneth C. Lewis - Corian and Granite  Kitchen Countertops

Before you choose countertop replacement in Cambridge, MA, determine if your old countertops can be repaired or revived. If you decide that you need new, have proper measurements in hand to help estimate costs. It is also equally important to do your homework before shopping. Don't just choose any material, have a good idea of which type of countertop material best suits your kitchen, lifestyle, and cooking habits.

One of the most common choices of material for most homeowners is granite because it has several practical benefits. In addition to its natural, timeless beauty, granite is an ideal option for replacing the kitchen countertop because it is durable and sanitary.

While most materials need replacement more often, granite countertops are incredibly durable. In addition to being less susceptible to wear and tear, maintenance is fairly easy. Wood-based materials may require to be replaced every 4-5 years, imitation stone or plastic materials depreciate in value over time, whereas with granite as a kitchen countertop replacement material, the countertop has the potential to last a lifetime, especially when well maintained.

In addition to its beauty and durability, you will also be surprised to learn that the granite countertop is quite sanitary. It has intrinsic physical properties that make granite less porous compared to other options. This means that a granite countertop is less likely to harbor harmful bacteria. By sealing and cleaning, your kitchen countertop will be safe, beautiful, and clean.

To find out more about your options for replacing the kitchen countertop, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Benefits Your Entire Home - Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 23, 2017
Kenneth C. Lewis - cabinet refinishing in Cambridge, MA

If your kitchen is in need of a face lift but you only have limited budget, choose refinishing the kitchen cabinets. For many reasons this is a great alternative to purchasing new kitchen cabinets, cost savings being one of the most popular. Another is the time savings because there is no need to shop around for new cabinets, then wait for them to be built, delivered and installed. When choosing to replace the cabinets, it can be difficult and expensive to find the right dimensions to fit in the kitchen.

When choosing cabinet refinishing in Cambridge, MA, the entire project only takes a few days. So in addition to spending less money, completion time is also shortened. By having the existing cabinets refinished by a professional, new life will be breathed into the kitchen space, and you will be using it again in no time.

Cabinet refinishing is great for your kitchen; but it is also good for your entire home. This home improvement project increases the value of your property which means the smaller investment in time and money will pay off.

To find out more about refinishing kitchen cabinets, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

Cabinet Door Replacement for a More Pleasing Kitchen and Higher Value Home – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 16, 2017
Kenneth C. Lewis - Cabinet door replacement in Boston, MA

There are many ways to increase the value of your home including options that do not require you to spend much money. One of these options is replacing the cabinet doors. Doing so improves the appearance of your kitchen and increases the value of your home in less time with less money.

People think that it will cost thousands of dollars for a kitchen makeover. But a cabinet remodeling project is inexpensive. With cabinet door replacement, cabinet doors and drawer fronts will be replaced without touching the boxes. Which means less labor is required so you can get back to using your kitchen faster when compared to a full kitchen remodeling project.

Cabinet door replacement in Boston, MA involves removing the old cabinet doors and replacing them with new ones that are nicely refinished. This can make all the difference in the appearance. There is also an extensive collection of custom made cabinet door styles in a variety of wood types that can be used instead or interspersed on accent cabinets. Replacement doors are available either finished or unfinished. Choosing prefinished cabinet door replacements eliminates the staining/painting/varnishing process so they only need to be installed making the entire job completed more quickly.

To find out more about replacing the cabinet doors, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

How to Wisely Choose A Material for Kitchen Countertop Replacement – Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 09, 2017
Kenneth C. Lewis - Countertop replacement in Cambridge, MA

Kitchen countertop replacement is among the home improvement projects that can be done without much time and money but that can still be highly effective. But when is the best time to replace your existing kitchen countertop? Consider upgrading when your countertop when it has cracks, pitted areas, and scorched marks that make it difficult to use, hard to clean, and worse to look at. But a kitchen countertop that is due for a replacement can be done easily and painlessly.

When getting a countertop replacement in Cambridge, MA, there are some factors to consider when considering the material to use. With the wide array of options from which to choose, it will not be difficult to get the look you love and that suits your space and budget. When you need new countertops, you will be able to choose a material will perfect match your kitchen style and work habits and that you love.

Replacing the kitchen countertop requires great skills and specialized equipment to perform the job right. Additionally, an expert knows each countertop material, its maintenance requirements and other attributes that can assist you in decision making.

To find out more, contact Kenneth C. Lewis.

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