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Do Not Replace the Cabinets and Woodwork, Refinish it Instead

- Thursday, January 05, 2012

You may have an old beautiful kitchen whose cabinets are starting to show their age, or perhaps a beautiful wood library in a historic home whose cabinetry is beginning to look old rather than antique.

These rooms have character; you can’t and shouldn't replace the cabinets and woodwork, though they do look aged and worn. Instead have the cabinets refinished. The perfect and more economical option to replacing the cabinets, shelving and woodwork in any room of your home is cabinet refinishing.

The original wood cabinets are stripped and cleaned, and then refinished in the finish of your choice. This is not only a more economical solution, it is a faster solution too; and one where the finished product looks better than new.

The character of your home is preserved, the beautiful wood is preserved and restored, and your home has a face lift. Contact Cabinet Refinishing by Kenneth C. Lewis for information.

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